Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Korean Glass Skin | THE FACE SHOP The Therapy First Serum

I am sure all of you have seen/heard about the "Glass Skin" that has been going viral on social media lately. This is the latest K-Beauty trend that everyone has been crazed about.

So, what is that "Glass Skin'? Luminous skin that is clear as glass, smooth and poreless as baby skin, dewy as you have wear tons of highlighter.

In order to achieve this Glass Skin Dream, the main goal has goes to the canvas and it's fully dedicated to the Korean skincare regimen. Beside double cleansing your skin, tone and moisturize your skin are mutually essential. 
THE FACE SHOP the Therapy First Serum
Here's my version of Glass Skin created using THE FACE SHOP The Therapy First Serum, which is reknown for its 7 Wonders (7 Methods) that works like a magic.
The Therapy First Serum is formulated with a blend of crystal particles and natural essential oils that assures optimum skincare results by restoring hydration and balancing in skin, in order to generate that healthy glow on skin. It also contains French sea water, which is rich in mineral and blue algae (anti-oxidant agent) that helps slowing down the signs of ageing, recharge and rejuvenate our skin. How luxurious the ingredients are!
The texture of the serum is rather dilute and fine, as it penetrates into the skin swiftly and easily being absorbed into the skin within seconds. I love the scent accompanied, it smells so refreshing and botanical.

7 Wonders
Wonder 1: Always use the serum as first step of skincare.
Use it right after cleansing and before toner, to help recharge your skin and boost the efficacy of the following regimen.
Wonder 2: 7 Skin Layering Technique
A K-Beauty trend that blows your mind as it involves skincare regimen where 7 layers of toner/serum are layered on the skin in succession. Layer by layer, it helps to hyper-charged and boost your skin moisture from time to time. 
Wonder 3: As an exfoliation
Pump some on the Green Tea Cotton and wipe it from center to the outer corner of face for mild exfoliation. It gently removes the dead skin and impurities on your skin.

Wonder 4: As a Mask
Dampen a sheet mask with serum and apply it on your face for 20 minutes for a quick skin boost. 
Best to apply right before application of makeup, it helps to keep your makeup lasts longer and with flawless finish.
Wonder 5: As a Mist Spray
Pour into a mini bottle spray and tuck in your bag, to refresh your skin anytime anywhere. I brought it along to my office, it helps moisture my skin under the air-conditioned room..
Wonder 6: As Aroma Therapy Treatment
Spray serum on a warm damp towel and press onto face, inhale deeply for  5 times. It works magically like an essential oil that calms and relax your mind, body and soil.
It's good to do this right before you head to bed, it helps freshen your stressed mind and body. Good for sleep!
Wonder 7: As Stress Reliever
Dampen cotton pad with serum and  place it on cheeks and forehead for 3 minutes. It helps relax your stress dull skin, leaving your fresh and feeling rejuvenated. You may use it as an essential oil, to do face point massage, it helps relieve muscle tension.
Korean Glass Skin
Personally, I really love this Therapy First Serum, see how glossy my skin is! Not only the soothing scent and lightweight texture, but I love how fast it penetrates into my skin and the finishing, without leaving any stickiness or oiliness on my skin! My skin is instantly moisturized, soft and plumpy!

That's my secret to the porcelain glass skin! What's yours?

THE FACE SHOP Therapy First Serum
Made in           : Korea
Size                  : 130ml
Price                : RM139.90

Moisture         : ★★★★☆
Radiant Glow : ★★★★★
Penetration    : ★★★★☆
Oiliness           : ★☆☆☆☆
Stickiness       : ☆☆☆☆☆

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Your Ring, Your Story | House Of Diamonds (HOD)

House of Diamonds
For me, choosing a perfect fit diamond ring isn't about looking through the glass window and transaction. I prefer process that makes an unique experience. Something personalized and something belongs to you, only you. Unlike the usual pre-made rings that we purchase at the outlets, without being led and without knowing any meaning behinds every single design.
I am glad that I was given a chance to visit the House of Diamonds (HOD), because I have learnt so much about choosing a diamond ring is not at all about design and craftsmanship, promising quality and personal experience are equivalent important.

So, what is the actual flow to get started?


Of course, before we start things off, you have to be clear about your occasions, budget and knowing what matters you most. It is always important to come with a fix budget in mind and HOD will find a ring that would best suit your budget and your another half. It is not true with that misconception where bespoke ring are always expensive.

choose your stone

Like what I mentioned earlier, there are a lot to learn about diamond, especially the 4Cs - Cut, Color, Clarity till Carat.
  • Cut - Cut refers to the arrangement of a diamond's facets, where it defines the optimum combination of brilliance, scintillation and fire, playing a main role in light reflection.
  • Color - A diamond's color ranges from colorless - the rarest and most valuable - to various degrees of yellow.
  • Clarity - Clarity is the degree to which identifying characteristics known as inclusions are present in a diamond. A flawless diamond has no inclusions which are visible under 10-power magnification. 
  • Carat - A standard measurement for diamond sizes, the weight.

" All of our solitaire diamonds are issued with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). We only sell jewelry with quality diamonds, every piece of our diamond is genuine, natural and untreated. - HOD

defining your style

There are actually so much more beside choosing the perfect diamond - what about a personalized style & design that fits your loved one? Shareyour love through the diamond ring.
At HOD, you may just customize one! By just altering some tiny details, increase/ decrease the center stone and shape.  Of course, you must acquire some fundamental knowledge to know more about a diamond ring beside customizing it. See above!
The one thing I love about HOD is, there are actually the split parts of the fundamental elements (ring band and ring head), where you can 'customized' your own ring and wear/feel it on the spot!
Beside customizing with the existing fundamental designs, you may custom design your ring with the designer too, start with a blank paper, working hand in hand to create a whole new design with just that only one special person in your mind. Here comes your story and legacy!
Start recalling your first date, the first passionate kiss, bringing your inspiration to life, create your one-of-a kind bespoke ring. Surprise your girl, with your own timeless piece.

The whole journey of choosing an engagement ring with your couple, from diamond, details design on the ring till finishing that suits the personality of your another half, will definitely be a memorable experience, so much more than a materialistic fulfillment. Create your own ring with your story, pass on your legacy with House of Diamonds.

For more information, feel free to visit the House of Diamonds (HOD) on

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Tsum Tsum fever is never ending!

To all Tsum Tsum Fans, trust me, this NEWS will get you crazy!
Mentholatum has launched its Tsum Tsum Collection!

Yes, Tsum Tsum is hitting the beauty market!
You can now, not only watching the cute Tsum on screen, collecting the stuffed toys, they are now invading your daily skincare regime! Tell me, how can you resist such cute and appealing packaging? It is a joy while using them too!
Lets dive in and see what are they having in the collection.
Tsum Tsum Face Wash
Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Facial Wash (RM14.90) comes in two variants
  • Pore Refining Face Wash - Formulated with rosemary, witch hazel and aloe extracts, it helps to deep cleanse the skin, minimize pores while sooth and moisturize the skin.
  • Hydra and Whitening Face Wash - Formulated with Arbutin and Rose extract, it helps to improve skin radiance while moisturize.

Tsum Tsum Face Mask
Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Facial Mask (RM7.90) comes in four variants:
  • Rose (Deep Hydrating Mask) - provide intense moisture and hydration to the skin
  • Lavender (Soothing & Hydrating Face Mask) - improve skin texture and calm sensitive/ irritated skin
  • Honey (Revitalizing Face Mask) - deeply hydrate, soothe redness and nourish the skin
  • Tea Tree (Oil Controlling Face Mask) - refine pores and control excess oil on skin

Tsum Tsum Lipbalm
Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Fruity Lipbalm (RM11.50), comes in 3 flavours (peach, lime and apple). It contains Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil that deeply hydrate and nourish the lips. In a few glides, leaving the lips soft, moisture and healthy, with a touch of fruity scent.
Tsum Tsum Hand Cream
Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Hand Cream (RM16.90), comes in 3 variants (Rose, Lavender and Jasmine). It contains Almond Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil, that provide ultra moisture and nourish to the skin, it even helps strengthening the nails, preventing them from becoming brittle.
Aren't they adorable? Anyway, they are such a cute gift to be given to our friends around. *Jeng Jeng, another gift ideas to you.*
As a super fans of Tsum Tsum, I can't even bear to use them, I just wanna collect them all and hide it under my pillow :')
But then, I don't mind to share this happiness to my readers. A giveaway on blog? Let me know.
Btw, I am giving away Canmake products that worth RM300 on my Instagram account (@immateapot), do check out, because there will be more giveaway!

Oh ya! Mentholatum Tsum Tsum collection are all available at Watsons, AEON Wellness, Caring and Sasa nationwide. Remember to check them out! For more info, please feel free to visit

Monday, June 4, 2018

Ink Lasting Foundation | THE FACE SHOP

Have you ever wondered how K-pop stars are always looking perfect in front of the camera? Flawless smooth skin, with enviable healthy glow.
THE FACE SHOP Ink Lasting Foundation
Oh hey! I found their secret weapon - THE FACE SHOP Ink Lasting Foundation and I am here to share with y'all!
The Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit is actually a foundation designed to hide your skin imperfections, while enhancing the skin radiance, giving it a lightweight finish. It is just like your second skin, weightless and natural!

The main highlights for this range are:
  • Round-the-clock moisture - Biosaccharide Gum-1 provides instant and lasting moisture to our skin throughout the day. 
  • Light-fitting formula - Flat Cover Pigment provides skin-fit effect, giving our skin a feather light finish, with natural coverage. Air Pore Powder plays a big role in sebum control, preventing excessive shine and oil on the skin.

For convenience causes, the Ink Lasting Foundation range has come out with both bottle and compact form foundation, that is ideal for you to carry around.

Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit
The award winning foundation, scoring 4.8/5 from the Korean beauty specialists - Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit.
Texture and scent:
The texture is pretty thick, I found it takes quite a long time to blend evenly on the skin. Hence, a few drops are good enough for the whole face. After blending out, it is obvious to see that the overall texture is in a high definition finish, with moisture and shine that helps enhancing skin dimension. Moreover, it comes in a light floral scent, something like the usual scent of bb cushion.
This is a picture before and after the foundation application. I bet all of you see the significant difference.
Before application, my skin texture is rather rough, there is a lot of acne marks and blemishes around the cheek. I have severe uneven skin tone and dark circle.

After application, my skin tone is even up and overall look so much define with the radiant glow. The coverage is good enough in covering up my acne marks and blemishes, a few more layers needed to fully cover up the dark circle. My skin texture is much smoother and pores are rather blur out.
This is how it looks after 6 hours. My skin is pretty oily around the T-zone, yet it's good to blot away with tissues. I am surprise that overall still looks good, without any cracks or cakiness around dry areas. Impressive!

Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit To Go
THE FACE SHOP Ink Lasting Foundation To Go
For busy lady who is always in rush, you may just opt for The INK Lasting Foundation Slim Fit To Go, a convenient on-the-go compact that allows you to touch up, anytime anywhere.
It comes with a contactless pump, that helps preventing bacterial contamination. The Rubycell puff gives you an airbrush and poreless finish!
I will definitely have this in my bag during travel! Life-saver - compact foundation!

My thoughts
I love how the Ink Lasting Foundation works on my skin and it has now become my favorite foundation. For long hour test, I used it during my cousin's wedding last Saturday, from 3am early in the morning till 5pm, running from one venue to another, dressing up the bride, doing her makeup and all. The foundation was just so surprisingly amazing! It stayed throughout the day, without the need of touching up, just some blotting action to blot away the facial oil. It doesn't crack much even though my skin is super dry.

Some tips for y'all, you may just wet your puff with face mist during the application of foundation, it will fit into the skin better and more adherence.

THE FACE SHOP Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit SPF30PA++
Made in           : Korea
Size                  : 30ml (bottle) | 15g (compact)
Shade              : V201 | V203 | N201 | N203 (shade using)
Price                : RM88 (bottle) | RM111 (compact)

Moisture         : ★★★☆☆
Radiant Glow : ★★★★☆
Coverage        : ★★★☆☆
Oil Control      : ★★☆☆☆
Long-Lasting  : ★★★★★

For more information, please feel free to check out THE FACE SHOP on 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream

Hey guys!
For your information, I am an absolute fans of Mamonde, not only trying out products they deliver but I do purchase some products on my own. I sincerely feel that their products are really good and all the skincare range use flowers as key ingredients!

Today, we gonna talk about Hibiscus flower - our national flower. Do you know that Hibiscus flower can be consumed as tea? It brings a lot of health benefits that it helps lowering blood pressure and body BMI, reducing bad cholesterol.
Apart from the health benefits, Hibiscus flower is known as 'Botox Plant' too. It helps exfoliating, firming, lifting and moisturizing the skin.
Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream
In the Advanced Moisture Ceramide range, Mamonde has utilizes the benefits of Hibiscus flower, combines Hibiscus CeramidePlus, that provides utmost hydration to the skin while strengthening the skin's barrier, protecting skin againts external harmful factors like UV and pollutants.
In this post, I will be trying out the Moisture Ceramide Light Cream. 
Texture and Scent:
The texture is pretty light in white cream form. It is super easy to spread out on the skin and absorb into the skin within seconds. It comes with a light, refreshing citrus scent, a little floral aroma.
I am quite surprise that the cream penetrates into the skin super fast during the application. It doesn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling on the skin, but a skin-light coating on the skin, which is moisture and hydrated. It like how it feels on the skin, super light, leaving my skin soft, moist, with little touch of healthy glow.
This Moisture Ceramide Light Cream is just a perfect item for those who doesn't love heavy and intense cream, but a quick fix moisturizer. It is so lightweight and it does a good job in daily hydration.

The Mamonde Moisture Ceramide range is available in all Mamonde counter.
For more information, feel free to visit Mamonde on