Friday, March 17, 2017

Cushion Routine | Mamonde

Yoohoo! I am back with my cushion routine! 
I guess I have never shared about any blog post or review on cushion before, ever since I started to blog, but yeah, this will be the very first post.

FYI, I don't really put on make up everyday even though I am working (you know, designers always stay indoor), yet I do whenever I am going for a short meeting LOL, just to impress my clients with my pretty presentable face. Instead of waking up early in the morning just to prep myself with foundation and all the continuous steps, I decided to go for something real quick and easy. 
Right in this post, I am going to share about how Mamonde Cover Liquid Cushion and Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist become my life saver, in my cushion routine.

Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist
Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist
Always remember to get your canvas ready (which is your face) before any application of makeup. I used to start up my makeup routine with Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist, just to ensure my face is fully moisturized and it helps enhancing the overall skin texture, as well as skin elasticity.

The main ingredient of Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist is actually the narcissus bulbs extraction, which is renowned with its excellent moisture storage effect, where it helps restoring skin moisture and glow, while sooth the skin.
Unlike all the usual mists that I have used and reviewed, the Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist, in just one pump, it fully covers my face, the outputting mist is surprisingly soft and fine when it attaches to the skin, followed by a light refreshing floral scent.
I was totally amazed by the output mist, it was real delicate and pleasant, like the real mist that we should define, tiny water molecules instead of water droplets, as it can penetrates so much faster and deeper. It really helps sooth and lock-in the moistness in my skin layer, yet there's a con where it leaves my skin with slight stickiness.

Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion SPF 34/PA++
Mamonde Cover Liquid Cushion
After restoring skin moisture, Mamonde Cover Liquid Cushion will be the main highlight over my cushion routine.
In order to meet the consumers' concerns and demands, Mamonde has come out with the Cover Liquid Cushion which provides perfect coverage in just a thin layer.
What makes the Cover Liquid Cushion a winning cushion compact:
  • Perfect Coverage with Hyperfine High Cover Powder : Perfectly conceal blemishes, pores and wrinkles.
  • Smooth Fit Coverage with Pomegranate Flower Extracts : Providing 3D Lift Up Solution that helps restoring skin elasticity, combat against skin aging while enhancing the skin texture.
  • Thin Application with Mesh Filtering System : The airless pump design helps controlling the amount of foundation discharge. Just 1 to 2 pumps, is good enough to cover the full face with perfect coverage in just one thin layer, without clumps. (refer picture below)

Mesh Filtering System
Flower Fit Puff
Beside, the 'Flower Fit Puff' is meticulously crafted, in order to give our skin a light finish which perfectly fits into the skin, without leaving any trace of cakeyness behind.
Like what they claim, the texture of the foundation is so fine and velvet, in light glowy finish accompanied by a mild delicate floral scent. It does leave the skin with a little stickiness, yet still bearable. 
On the picture above, it is just a thin layer of the foundation, yet the coverage is significantly great.
Always remember, in just 1 - 2 pumps is god enough to apply the whole face. Else your face will be ended up with thick layering. 
Be gentle and light handed.
Personally I love how the cushion is formulated, as it works really well on the coverage where it fully covers all my skin red blemishes, fine lines, pores and dark circle. I save up some time for concealing those flaws. Since the cushion is formulated for coverage purposes, it doesn't work much on moisturizing, yet it does not dries up my skin till leaving cakey trace. 
I guess it works well in hot, humid weather, especially in Malaysia, as it doesn't turn greasy nor cakey even after long hours. 
Here's the full makeup using Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cover in Shade #21.
I feel that this shade (#21 Cover Peach) is too white for me, even though it falls in the intermediate shade. I hope that Mamonde can come out with more specify shades in the future.

Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion SPF 34/PA++
Made in           : Korea
Size                  : 15g
Benefit            : High Coverage in sheer layer, , Anti-aging, Non-cakey
Shade              : #17 Cover Procelain | #21 Cover Peach | #23 Cover Sand
Retail Price     : RM115

Moisture         : ★★☆☆☆
Radiant Glow : ★★★☆☆
Coverage        : ★★★★★
Long-Lasting  : ★★★★☆

For more information, please feel free to visit Mamonde on Facebook Page | Website | Instagram.
You may visit Mamonde counter at AEON One Utama, AEON Mid Valley, AEON Bukit Indah and AEON Queensbay Mall.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Before & After Make up x Shiseido

Oh well, first post in March and I am back!
Back with another skincare post, which is my favorite brand from Shiseido.
I really appreciate that all the PRs still remember me even though I have been MIA for such a long time lol. Erm, only events haha. I am active on most of my social media platforms, if you guys have been keeping up with my updates. 
You guys know I love trying stuffs and thank god there are more stuffs for me to try out haha! 
Here's a post on before and after make up with Shiseido, featuring Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist and the star product Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother.
Lets jump into the products one by one.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate
I am sure most of you took supplements like vitamin C, just to help boosting the body's immunity. But hey! Do you boost your skin's immunity as well?

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate was born to build stronger and beautiful skin. It contains multi-defensive powers that helps to combat against the threaten factors, polluted environment, as well as emotional stress that will cause skin aging.
The texture is much like a gel, rather dilute, sort of the essence kind of texture, accompanied by a fruity citrus scent.
Personally, I have really sensitive skin. I don't know if it's the impact after several times of make up or removal of make up in just a day, or maybe I am really aging. And, I wonder if I have tried on too many skincare on my skin for the passed few years that causes this sensitivity. My skins condition turns real bad and sensitive.  I saw blood vessels appearing on my skin.

Luckily, Shiseido has sent this angel to me, the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, which is now the only skincare product I put on every night, like a supplement for skin. I really love the finishing it gives to my skin. It absorb into my skin instantly without leaving any trace of layering feeling, like oiliness or stickiness. My skin is so much hydrated and plump after the application. After a week of using it, I can feel that my skin condition has turned so much better now, not much of redness and irritation.

This is what I suggested to put on daily. You guys now we have to always start up with a good canvas right before any application of makeup. Ensuring your skin is moisturized, smooth and healthy!

Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother
Beside a good canvas, now it's time for something after the application of makeup - Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother.
It is so far the most amazing product that I have seen, a real filter in our life that helps creating photogenic skin, to make sure we are all PHOTO READY!

Formulated with Photogenic Skin Technology and Skin-Perfecting ingredients, the Smart Filtering Smoother immediately absorbs the excess sebum on our skin, leaving our skin with a poreless and velvety finish.
It can be used as the last step of our skincare routine, right after the application of makeup (suggesting on the T-zone to helps oil & shine control). It can be even used over your base makeup as touch up purposes, that instantly absorb the shine and oil that accumulated on your makeup throughout the day, leaving your make up in even and matte finish.
It comes in a light peach creamy texture, which eventually turns into a powdery velvet finish once it is fully absorb into skin, accompanied by a light refreshing floral scent.
This is totally an amazing product which I have discovered recently. It instantly gives my skin a velvet smooth finish, which is real surprising as it can be used on top of any make up. It blurs all the skin imperfection, leaving my already makeup-ed face without any visible pores, as well as less oily/shiny on my T zone area!

Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist
Another confession to make which is the Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist, which is the second make up mist that I owned so far.
It comes in a gel texture that sprays into mist, that helps improve skin texture, preventing skin from dehydration, de-stressing skins that caused by day time factors, as well as acting as a barrier that optimizing the skin barrier function. In short, it keeps the skin fresh, hydrated and smooth whole day long, less shiny and oily.
I have tried it and I really love how it reacts on my foundation, even after long hours, my skin still looking dewy and less oily.

These are all the products that helps to set my face before and after makeup.
For more information, feel free to visit Shiseido Malaysia on Facebook Page | Instagram.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Taking a break: Exploring the unknown

It has been a month since I last updated my blog. It was a real long long break.
I have blogged for about three years and I guess I seldom take a break. Yet, I did it, for this time.

I am lost. Since I started 'evolving into an adult', working from 10am to 9pm, I am lost. Till now.
I am frustrated with my life, I am tired of repetition.
Waking up at 7am, off to work at 9.30am, lunch at 2pm, get home at 9.30pm and sleep at 12am.
This routine repeats daily.
Guess it will still keep on repeating till I jump into another stage: Marriage and Gives Birth. Then, it will still repeating in another way.

I asked myself:
Is this a normal/usual human life?
All about repetition?
Am I going to live in a repetition life FOREVER?
What am I going to do in after this?
Do I have a goal to work on?
What else to fulfill my life?
How can I live it to the fullest?

I have no idea. Or should I keep on asking my own self with the same questions.
Everyday, again and again.
How can I live a different life, a much fulfilling and meaningful life?

Do you guys think the same? Or just me?
Share your thoughts with me down below the comment. I really appreciate.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chinese New Year Make Up | Canmake

New Year, New You!
Hi guys, I'm finally back with a makeup tutorial on my Youtube Channel!
This will be a very good start in 2017, I hope that I'm going explore more and improve myself more, in terms of blogging and video editing. I just wanna bring all my best to my supportive readers and followers.

In the video, I'm sharing a wearable Chinese New Year Makeup Look which is just perfect to go on every occasions! Yes! it's a one brand makeup tutorial as I'm all using Canmake cosmetic products.
Chinese New Year Makeup
Here's some sneak peak on the makeup.
This makeup will be fully in Peach Pink tone, which is also last year's korea makeup trend. Super easy and super wearable! Not only for Chinese New Year but also daily outing.
Here are the products used for the make up:
♡ Cover & Stretch Concealer UV (02 Natural beige)
♡ Be My Baby BB Cream (02 Natural)
♡ Marshmallow Finish Powder (MO)
♡ Glow Fleur Cheek (05 Wedding Fleur)
♡ Shading Powder (03 Honey Rush Brown)
♡ Flaring Curl Mascara
♡ Dual Eyebrow Stick (02 light brown)
♡ Juicy Pure Eyes (06 Baby Apricot Pink)
♡ Strong eyeliner (02 Sweet Brown)
♡ Lip and Cheek Gel (05 Cherry Fromage)

Tutorial Video

Head on to my channel to check out the detailed make up!

Something super excited is coming because I will be giving away THREE cosmetic products from Canmake to ONE lucky winner!
Including the lip and cheek gel, serum bb cream and the floral blusher!

Step 1: Subscribe to my Youtube Channel
Step 2: Share the video ( on your Facebook Account, Tag Amelie Yap Facebook Page and TWO of your friends!
Step 3: Include the caption "I wanna win Canmake products from @Amelie Yap and @canmake malaysia" on your sharing.

* Giveaway open to Malaysia Residents only. Only one winner will be selected. 
* Giveaway ends at 15 February 2017.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jelly Flower Lipstick | Cadeau

Happy belated new year everyone.
This will be the very first post in year 2017 and I  have something really excited coming up for you guys!

I guess Jelly Flower Lipstick is a no strange phrase to everyone of you, because it has been going viral online! The lipstick is taking over Facebook and Instagram by storm! I'm sure if you are a lipstick lover / collector like me, you will definitely fall in love with this lipstick. 

Months ago, I have been wishing to get a flower lipstick for my own collection. LOL just like a trend. I wanted to try it out and nicely keeping it high in my storage box. I guess it's a real good beginning for 2017, because I'm too lucky to get a box of flower lipsticks from Cadeau Beauty!
Cadeau, as meant of 'gift' in French, they strongly believe that the only way to bring happiness to others is through the idea or action of giving. Just like how we receive a gift from our beloved one occasionally, that eventually causes the sincere smile from both of the receiver and giver.

Besides, Cadeau brings the finest ingredients in their products, ensuring the best quality and services they could provide to the consumers.


Just to talk about the packaging, it has fully conquered my heart and soul.
A white clean cover with silver floral stamping, classy and elegance. Best pairing with the peach-pink ribbon and inner box that printed on glitter paper, bringing so much grace and luxurious into the packaging. Just the perfect gift for your beloved one.

Each of the limited edition Cadeau box consists of 4 Cadeau Lip Glow in four variant
  • GL01 Celosia (Red)
  • GL02 Jacques Cartier (Pink)
  • GL03 Acacia (Yellow)
  • GL04 Viridflora (Green)
Not only the lip glow is fully hand-crafted from Korea, the rose gold packaging surprised and impressed me well. Premium products in premium packaging. Why not??

Ingredients and Benefits

Jelly Flower Lip Stick
All the lip glow are made with the finest natural ingredients that ensuring our lips to experience a healthy and long lasting radiance

The finest ingredients, including the 9 flower essences extracted purely from 9 different flowers, which are Lavenders, English Marigold, Damask Rose, Chamomile, Roselle Hibiscus, English Daisy, Kobushi Magnolia, Tiger Lily and Beach Rose.

Texture and Scent

Cadeau Lip Glow
As mentioned earlier, this limited edition Cadeau box comes with 4 variant lip glow. With different flowers that best representing each variant.

Unlike the usual lipstick we see out there, the Cadeau Lip Glow comes in a clear transparent glowy texture, which is fully infused with jelly, gold flakes and tiny flower right at the center of the lip glow. This lip glow reminds me of the scene in 'Beauty & the Beast' where the rose encased in a clear jar.

All the lip glow comes in a strong sweet fruity scent, like the berries! I feel like chewing it off LOL

Try and Tested

Here are the swatches for each variant, that closely resulted in a tinted pink shade. 
Whereby the shade GL01 (Red), comes close to the color of fuchsia and GL04 (Green), lightly comes into a coral shade.

The lip glow works like a magic that it changes color within 3 seconds depending on your body temperature, from clear color to a shade of pink tint, leaving the lips with a glossy finish.

My Thoughts

Personally, I feel that the overall packaging on Cadeau Lip Glow itself has already made all the girls' dream comes true. Rose gold packaging! So much romance and classy.
On the application, I love how the result appears on lips, so light and natural that it is just perfect to go for all kind of occasions. It works like a lip balm. My lips comes in a natural glowy finish and surprisingly, the pink tint lasted on my lips for whole day, without drying my lips!

Cadeau Lip Glow
Made in           : Korea
Size                  : 3.3g
Benefit            : Changes color depending on the body temperature, end up with tinted pink in glossy finish
Shade              : GL01 Celosia, GL02 Jacques Cartier, GL03 Acacia, GL04 Viridflora
Retail Price     : RM95
A box of 4       : RM350

For more information, please feel free to visit Cadeau on
Official Website: