Saturday, June 9, 2012

Aquaria KLCC (half day trip) !

This was my first time been to Aquaria at KLCC
it was quite amazed !
all the fishes species and also some small creatures like spider , lizard and etc.
i was quite interested in this kinda creatures and animals
*science student what *
Just gonna share some photos here =)
Directory board which can guide us =)
 the piranha?? lol..its kinda different from what i watched from the movies loR
 the feeding show of piranha =)
maybe they throw a human in, and all the piranha going to tear the human into pieces lol
 some kind of corals..
ur allowed to touch them with bare hands =)
 the big fat electric eel...
 the huge rat which live in underwater =0

 the moth life cycle.

 butterflies' specimens

 the irritating snakes ..OMG *disgust*
i dont like the slippery feeling of the snake's skin 
felt that all my goosebumps going to fall on the floor =/
 the huge and "goosebumps-ed"  frog
 furry spider
 a kind of lizard? =0
 fishy fishy =)
the place is not that smelly la =)

 the gigantic fish
 shark's attack ! =P

 the HUGE sting ray =)
 shark again =)

camwhore time =P

 chasing after the sting ray lol
*welcome xD*

 huge turtle
O.s: can u see me??

 jelly fishes with different colors =D
*the light efffect lol*

 #5 photos captured in front of the shark's mouth

later on , we shopped at the souvenir shop =)

this is my souvenir from aqua haha..the snake =P
love this, it got sound lor..#Hiss

P.s: sorry for some blurriness of the photos
becox no flash allowed =(
and its kinda dark in the aqua
after that, we lunched at padi house @sri petaling
 favorite spaghetti=D

we went to Tutti frutti =)
actually we were spamming photos there lol

after lunch, we went to sunway pyramid to celebrate carmen lim's b'day =D
simply done with this photos ,sorry ..i know i am so cincai and lazy xP


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