Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Poly Clay Play!

Few weeks ago, my sister and I were so interested in polymer clay!
We got lotsa fun from playing this clay!
you can make anything you want depends on your own imagination and creativity
OR you can get some sample products from google or elsewhere.

This polymer clay,
it seems like plasticine, but you can mix the colors, 
besides,it will get dry easily after few hours and finally it will become some kinda spongy toys!
the shape won't change at all! no matter how you squeeze it! it is kinda elastic!
Let's take a look on our products!

 Let's get through our garden's creatures! Butterfly, bee, and roses!
 These are some kind of spongy food!
Some kind of cake!
Carrot and Ebiko sushi! LOL
That's all , let's have fun together :)


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