Friday, December 21, 2012

Early X'mas MakeUp party!

Luckily, all of you are still alive !
and are here to read this blogpost xD

Going to rush this post before Christmas!

As you guys read from my FB "about",
I am studying in ACA lah
i've just started my class this monday
and so we have a party right after that

Jil asked us to figure out what we gonna style up on the first day

It's a disney princess theme one wtf
i have no idea what costume that i need to style up with
as i've just attended few classes with "introduction and foundation only" xD

So, this is it!
I also dont know what kind of disney princess that i was imitating
i just got this costume(floral hairband and some kind of polka dotty dress)
A bit Tsubasa Masukawa feel lol
abit la ,abit (sounds ego)
My hair was real one, no doubt!
 This is my new friend from ACA, Fish
 With the eyes-closing shot, so that you guys can see my eye shadow's color clearly
I was using the combination of yellow and blue eye shadows + red lips (hottest always haha),
while Fish was using pink
 The most right hand side one is my Make up guru, Jil Yong
A shot with Amber Chia, she is so gorgeous

Before the party starts, we styled up our self and did some deco for the make up room
 A Christmas tree with many gifts under it

Jil with the Christmas tree!
selca of me with the tree LOL

Now,let's check out all the Disney princesses!
 #Minnie, Mickey's wife
(please ignore the black mark on my arms wtf, i also don't know how i got this=.=)
Of course la , my guru did not torture me la

 Ivy was #Lilo!
 Kelly with #Gothic princess look!
 Artisha, the #Snow white!

 Jil, the #Queen LOL
 The #piglet!
 Pinky, one of my make up instructor, she was a #Minnie!
She was really putting effort on her costume :D
 A #Minnie again!
and i got to know that Mickey has many wives lol
This is Shermaine, my senior from Time square branch
she is so cute and tiny like me :)
It's our Principal,
Amber again , as pretty always

Then we have some games ,
the "No mirror make up challenge" LOL
we were asked to put on lipsticks(within 5 seconds) and eyelashes(within 20 seconds)

You may shock, i won the put up eye lashes without mirror challenge LOL
I also dont know that i am so pro in putting up lashes one wtf
This is the prize
Office's product
3 colors eye shadow
after some game session, we have started our gifts exchange session!
 Jil was so happy that she got some BB cream packets, masks and nail paint stuffs in her gift!

 This is Quennel with his handmade , Mickey's round ears LOL

Although i've just attended the class for few days
yet, i feel that
All of us like a one big family!
It's a really great experience!

For details and inquiries on Modelling, makeup and photography courses , check here:
Amber Chia Academy

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