Sunday, June 16, 2013

TIGI Hair Show

Before that I have no idea what TIGI stands for, after I've attended a show which presented by 
TIGI professionals.

My blogger friends, Chency and Janice.

TIGI,working with hairdressers globally ensuring latest styles and products in salons for the usage of professional hairdresser and the clients.
Yet, TIGI is not just all about the hair products but ideas of creation and inspiration.
 The Bed Head products from TIGI.

After doing our registration, we were lead to the media table.
OMG,  it's really close to the T-stage , just a step behind me :)

 I was looking at the ombre long skirt actually lol
Chris and other professionals were doing a demo on TIGI products.
"Everything TIGI copyright©olour launches is done with the salon colourist in mind."

It's time to show a series of Camho on me and my blogger friendss xD
(PC to Chency)
 Cindy, Kelly, me and Mimi

 (PC to Chency)
 As usual, my beloved partner, Chency

Cindy with her duo lips ,inspired by my previous post

Qty pie,Alice!

Mimi's friend, forgot her name :(

End up with a group shot! All the lovely bloggers, nice meeting all of you! :D
(PC to Chency)

Create your own color using TIGI products, no boundary and with fun! Create it, Own it!

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