Monday, September 2, 2013

Fashion at your Fingertips X Shop with us!

"I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn't exist anymore." - Confession of a Shopaholic

I have to confess, I am a shopaholic. Perhaps, every girl is a shopaholic! Personally, I have never get enough of getting new clothes, it seems like all the clothes I wore once, I get bored of them. The wardrobe is never enough for my weekly shopping haul!

Most of you must be have the experiences of walking in a boutique, looking at the clothes and you starting to imagine, "Erm, how do I look like if I am wearing that". You will never know until you try it. You start grabbing the clothes because you just can't stop yourself to try them out or even own them. If there is no rule or if I had the elephant’s thick skin, I would try out EVERY SINGLE CLOTH in the shop and spend a day in the fitting room! 

When you got yourself in the first cloth, you start posing and snapping picturessssss. Looking yourself in the mirror and through phone, trying to get the perfect you with the clothes you wore. Even though you are not buying all of them which might look great on you! However, you enjoy the process of trying the clothes and feel like a SUPERMODEL. 
Occasionally, I was invited to a fitting sessions by Magazine Boutique. It's an amazing experience as I tried most of the clothes there and snapped pictures like nobody's business! The entire shop was like my own shop! Here are some outfits that I tried and I would like to share. 

All the clothes there are easy to mix and match! You can easily style yourself up and creating different look pairing with accessories. Indeed, most of the on-trend clothes are designed by the owner and her sister (known as style-sters) itself and they are all limited pieces!
#1 Formal Look.
Formal Floral Lace dress, creating an unusual elegant look yet fashionable. You can probably wear it for any formal dinner occasion.
#2 Cow girl look.
Polka dot peplum top pair with a black mini skirt and hat. Creating a youthful and energetic looking.
#3 Casual shopping look.
White chiffon top and neon stripes skirt, with a pony clutch. Creating a sweet and cheerful look. You can wear it when you are attending events. *I love the clutch seriously, it's adorable*
#4  Bohemian Chic Look
Leather bralet with tribal print shorts, paired with red leather jacket.
With Chency on this #5 Sweet Girl look on evening dress!

There's always people asking why am I looking so good in photo. Despite of photoshop and make up skills, clothes play an important role. This is what we called, fashion. Everyone is a fashionista. You may start up by imitating one's dress up sense. Indeed you have your own fashion sense as time goes by, you know how to dress yourself up, what's the clothes that make you look good. 

NOW, MAG is providing a chance for all of you to build your own senses. With its collection from the season's hottest looks so you will always look runway-ready, anytime and anywhere. Making you look extra oomph! Come on, give yourself a chance and we (Me and Chency) will be your very own stylist! We will be there to style you up and even sharing some tips on clothing!
Magazine is a girl’s best friend. We are ready to dress up, explore and share the love with all of you. RSVP if you would like to join us for the unleashing of MAGlifestyle and MAG 2013 Autumn/Winter Collection on this Friday at 2pm! Sneak out during your lunch time and shop with us for a brand NEW you!

Code us "ACE" during the launch, and you will have special discount!

For more information, visit Magazine Boutique or

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