Wednesday, December 4, 2013

GUESS Luxe Leather Bag

GUESS Luxe presents a range of exclusive, classic and high-quality leather handbags which complement the wardrobe of a contemporary, urban-chic woman, seeking accessories that complement her style yet with a sense of femininity and a touch of romanticism.
With European design and refined details, the collection offers a range of sophisticated, yet feminine handbags. A wonderful blend of elegance and style for both glamorous high-in-fashion looks, giving extra flair to everyday ensembles.

Recently, GUESS Luxe has launched its very own Fall/Winter 2013 collection and Pre-Spring 2014 collection

---------------------------------- Fall/ Winter 2013 Collection ----------------------------------

These collections offer two distinctive moods:
Natural and classic styles perfect for accessorizing any outfit with an elegant attitude. These pieces are timeless yet in line with all the trends of the season and easily worn throughout the day and into the evening.
This jeune filleloves sophisticated style and attention to detail. Signature, embossed box satchels are on her ‘must-have’ list. 

♥ Primrose ♥

Pretty satchel in quilted rectangular, simply an understated elegance matching with evening gown.

♥ My G's ♥
 With classic GUESS monogram, it's absolutely wearable for work.

 ♥ Patty
Comprises 2 most coveted prints and texture: Luxurious casual safari print and croco embossed texture. 

---------------------------------- Pre-Spring 2014 Collection ----------------------------------
Simplicity is key for these collections, offering natural fresh and understated look yet sophisticated and glamorous with minimal lines in premium napa and calf leather on functional satchels, chic flaps and elegant clutches.
Tiny metal piping, quilting and touches of patent are detailed with precious pale shiny gold hardware sophisticated embellishment.

♥ Tilda
Features double woven handles and a raised front panel giving a fresh touch. 

 ♥ Golden Cage
Classic quilted rectangle is a must have. Comes with a Carryall size that suits ladies of all ages. 
---------------------------------- Behind the scene ----------------------------------
Some selfies with all my babes, miss them so damn lot, it has been quite a while since my last time meeting them =( 
 With my dear Chocky.

 The Hot Chic, Carolyn.

 My love, Chency.

 My 2nd mother, Furfer.

 Sweet stuff, Angeline.

 Pretty Audrey.

 The winner of GUESS Bag, Sabrina *Jelly*

 With both Kay and Chocky.

 With Nanie and Edazz.
 We grabbed all the bags =p

End up this post with group selfies.

GUESS LUXE Leather Handbags are available in selected GUESS stores.


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  6. the bags look so beautiful! i always love their good quality material


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