Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Year Giveaway! [Closed]

So, few more days and it's the brand new year 2014. Bet all of us are looking forward into a new life, new memories, new chances and new experiences. Try out more things because we only live once!

Here I'm going to host a New Year giveaway for my readers in collaborate with RaqulReed .

Lets see what's in the box!

There will be a set of adorable accessories which consisted of
(1) Inspired Flag of England Mustache necklace
(2) Side way Cross bracelet
(3) Cross earrings

----------------------- Join now! -----------------------


  1. the cross earring is my favorite...I go crazzy over cross accessories..i need this to add into my collection!!!!would you give me this cross earring as xmas gift??

  2. I deserve because I am Small N Hot like you ! muahahaha *zi lien kuang* hahaha I would love to have the side crossed bracelet ! I looks so cool and swaggy !!! muaxxxxx Thanks for the giveaway babe :D

  3. Why you deserve RaqulReed Accessories Set?
    I love Brit designs and I will def make your accessories look good! ;)

    Which one is your favorite?
    Sideway cross bracelet! :)

  4. I deserve RaqulReed Accessories set because I'm an accessories-craze and all of them are so rock and chic!

    My favourite would be Sideway Cross bracelet~ Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I deserve the accessories because they can match well with my outfits!!
    I'm a mustache items fever, hope to win Flag of England Mustache necklace :)


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