Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8 Great Reasons to celebr8 | 8excite

Yes! It's finally 8th August!

I am so excited to receive a superb great news from 8excite that THERE WILL BE A MASSIVE DEALS going on TOMORROW! Who else doesn't love shopping and of course the more the merrier! I just can't wait to buy MOREEE from 8excite! Join me now on Go on and find out more deals on http://goo.gl/QFtH7R!

Don't wait, start collecting Excite Points!
What's the deal about?
Spend as much as you can on 8excite website, you're entitled to get 8 times of points collected and you are rewarding yourself with 8xciting freebies!
What so special about 8.8?
1. You are entitled with 8x of Excite Points (EP) on all purchase on 8th August.
2. There will be 88 Deals going on at only RM1 or 100 EP.
3. There will be Promotion Freebies for customers who fulfill the required amount on spending.

Here's the promotion freebies:

RM50 – RM99
Free TGV ticket
RM100 – RM199
Free Starbucks
RM200 – RM499
Free 2x Ticketsfor MMA ONE Championship Final
RM500 – RM799
Free Sunway Lagoon Voucher (All Day Entry Adult)
RM800 – RM1000
Free Couple Bali Deals
Free 2x Jay Chou Concert Ticket

These are the panel of merchants, like KFC, TGV, Watson, Universal Studio Singapore and many more! 8excite got you cover from top to toe, inside out! 

Yeah! Spend more and earn more!
Go on and find out more deals on http://goo.gl/QFtH7R

p/s: Buahhaa! I am already aiming the tickets to Jay Chou's concert!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Makeup Remover in SPRAY? | WeCoMed

Girls, have you guys ever countered a situation where wearing thick makeup and rocking the whole night, yet you feel extremely tired and exhausted to remove your makeup? You have no choice but drag yourself to the washroom, cleaning your makeup with cotton and remover part by part, step by step. Endless time and your sleepiness haunt you so so much. 
Here's the rescue for you - the WeCoMed Magic Makeup Remover, a remover in spray mist form. It is common to see makeup remover in gel, cream, liquid or even balm form. Yet, unlike the usual one, WeCoMed Magic Makeup remover is actually a gentle remover in spray mist form, that effectively remove all traces of makeup.

I love the packaging itself so so much. Everything in turquoise shade and minimal. Not much of huge fonts, not much of highlight, yet clearly convey its message of being Paraben Free.
Texture & Scent: 
It comes in the form of mist that end up with watery liquid finish, just like water. It doesn't come with any strong fragrance, yet some sort of medical scent which is bearable.

Shake well before use. 
Spray a generous amount of your faces or any part with makeup. Then, wipe off with cotton. To remove waterproof makeup on particular areas, like eyes or lips, you may just spray on the cotton and be hold the damped cotton on your eyes or lips.
This is a picture before and after removing makeup with WeCoMed Magic Makeup Remover. In a wipe, the brows, eye shadow and foundation are well cleansed yet waterproof eye liner and lip tint are partially cleansed only.

Personally, I love how quick it removes my makeup, in just a spray. The spray is gentle that doesn't cause any harshness on the skin and it gives a cooling sensation to my skin. It is good that it doesn't cause any stickiness or oiliness on my face, it leaves my skin soft and fresh. However, it doesn't impress me well on how effectively it removes all the makeup on my face. The mist of the face dries up pretty quickly and I have to go for second/ third spray.
It is indeed a good item to carry around for travel, but only works well on simple light makeup. Else you will need to double cleanse your face.

WeCoMed Magic Makeup Remover
Size                   : 60ml
Price                 : RM60
Effectiveness   : ★★★
Stickiness         : ★★
Oiliness            : ★☆☆☆☆

For more information, please feel free to check out WeCoMed on Facebook | Website.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Melacca Day Trip and Cafe Hop

Ohhhh Maiiiii Gattt! In a blink, it's August and I am back with my Melacca Day trip posting!

Actually I have been to Melacca for more than 5 times during these 3 years? It is like a must visit place for me, for at least twice a year? I love jonker and I love the food there a lot a lot! Yeah, it is sort of annual trip with my Bf too lol.

But then, here's my very first record on my Melacca day trip in my blog that I wish to share with all of you, somehow like a refer if you have missed what I have missed during the past visit in Melacca, if you are not a google person like me.
I bet all of you will never miss this place - Jonker88大寶小食 because it is just located in Jonker Street. This shop is always full, it always has super long queue outside their shop and you will definitely be attracted to join the crowd!
Whenever I visit Melacca, I will never miss their curry laksa and chendol! Till recently, my Bf told me they actually serve the dish 'Kahwin' which never been listed in the menu. OMO. *surprise face like a gold digger* Am I the last person who knows this? You may just try 'Kahwin'!
How can I resist such tempting food?

Coffeetel Shack Melacca
After all, here's my very first visit to Coffeetel Cafe. Their signature black latte has been going viral all over my Facebook's wall and it successfully attracts me. *thumbs up*
I really love the overall setting in the cafe, so instagrammable! It's white, slight vintage for the overall interior theme. A great place to slack with friends.
black latte
Jang Jang! Here's the renown Black Latte. It actually comes in a blend of charcoal and latte, It tastes just fine, not too sweet nor milky nor bitter. Everything is just nice.
Of course I will never miss out any desserts -  CAKESsssssss! We girls always have another stomach to store desserts yay! These are the two cakes I picked - Matcha Red Bean and Signature Lamington Cake. Both tasted great! Finally I found cakes that aren't too sweet LOL. They didn't even cause any greasy feeling behind. 
Oh ya! For girls, you may be looking 'poisoned' after drinking the black latte lol. It somehow stains your lips and teeth.
Restaurant Lee Swee Meng 李瑞明古早味
I am so sad that I missed this restaurant during my past visit, how can?? Taadaa ~ it's Restaurant Lee Swee Meng 李瑞明古早味, a restaurant that's renown of their clay pot dishes. All the food is served in the clay pots.
Of course, they have super loooooooong queue too. We have actually waited for 1 and half hour. Please be early!
We ordered the clay pot curry, which is one of my favorite dishes. Just by looking in the picture, you know how good it tastes haha! The curry is thick, flavored and it is not spicy at all. It is just perfect to go with the rice and you just want moreeeee rice.
Another favorite dishes will be this claypot tofu mushroom. I love the wild freshness in the Mushroom, super juicy! This dishes serve with Shao Xing Wine as the wine scent is quite strong, it smells super nice. 
We ordered some vegetables too. Here come the claypot sweet potato leaves. It just perfectly cooked with the a hint of 'claypot taste and scent', keeping the overall fresh and sweetness of the dishes. 

Do take note that all the dishes come in generous big portion and they are in super reasonable price.
That's all of my Melacca day trip sharing! Let me know if you have missed anything that I have listed down here or you may let me know what I missed too!
Enjoy exploring more places in Melacca. I just love this city and I will do more adventure there haha! 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Color Cosmetic Lenses | BarbieEyesland

I am sure that wearing color cosmetic lenses has become every girls' daily essentials. I can say color lenses are part of our makeup routine that helps boosting our overall look with just a magical touch?

I have been wearing contact lenses since Form 3. And I am 24 this year. About 9 years experience in total? LOL I used to wear lenses daily, for long hours but then I was absolutely tired with such routine and I have really dry eyes.

Hence, I only wear lenses during occasional days, like attending events, out for meeting and etc, whenever I put on makeup. Because I look extremely weird with makeup on, without contact lenses on. Errrr like the soul in my eyes are missing?
Barbie Eyesland
Recently, I have come across BarbieEyesland, a online website that offers variety of color lenses, with a wide range of seletion in terms of colors and sizes. Convenience, lowest price and definitely safety guarantee as they owned that Bureau Veritas Health & Safety Inspection Certificate.

Below are my picks of contact lenses from BarbieEyesland with different matchy look!

Girl Next Door
Oh My Pearl Brown 14mm
This is my favorite among all - Oh My Pearl Brown 14mm
It comes in a gradient brown shade from light orang-ish brown to a reddish wooden red brown, end up with a full brown ring. 
By wearing it on the eyes, it gives a super natural look, a pair of brown eyes with only slight yellowish-brown ring around the iris! My eyes end up looking innocent and watery, like puppy's eyes!
This contact lenses is just the perfect wear for casual outing, dating, interview, as well as the normal school girl look!

The Exotic Western Look
Oh My Seoul Grey 14mm
My second favorite contact lenses among all will be the Oh My Seoul Grey 14mm.
Something beyond the usual look. It comes with 3 tone color, from light brown, grey till black. Instead of ending with a harsh black ring, this lenses end up with thin black dash lines that form up a circular ring.
By wearing it on the eyes, it looks slight blue-ish, with no harsh ring around the iris, all the colors blend well with my iris color.
This contact lenses boost up my overall look, with a hint of exotic culture. Just the perfect go if you're going to glam up yourself with smokey eyes, super wing cat eyes or even western-ish makeup.

Personal Thoughts
Personally, I feel color contact lenses are rather drying, even when you are in air-conditioning room, or after long hours of wearing. So, it does the same to me, even the contact lenses from BarbieEyesland.
However, I will still purchase color contact lenses from BarbieEyesland in the future, as there are so many to choose from! I would just love to grab some for video shooting purposes!

For more information, please feel free to check out Barbie Eyesland on Website | Facebook | Instagram.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Waterproof Eyeliner for Summer | D.U.P

If you have already known that, D.U.P from Japan is actually available in Malaysia right 2 months ago! You may see them in Guardian and some other exclusive Beauty stores.

FYI, D.U.P is a Tokyo-based cosmetic company that specialized in falses lashes, eye makeup products and even nail products. 
In this post, I am going to introduce a strong waterproof eyeliner from D.U.P which I am fancy about recently. I thought you guys might be interested since summer is here and everyone of you is about to plan for a summer vacation at the beach!
D.U.P Silky Liquid Eyeliner
Taadaa~ D.U.P Silky Liquid Eyeliner - the strong waterproof eyeliner that I recommend here. It actually has been rated as one of the top 5 best Japanese drugstore liquid liners.

Packaging & Shades
The packaging on the pack itself is rather minimal, yet the combination colors on each pack stands out well, especially the combination of magenta and black.

The minimal packaging reflects well on the eyeliner pen too, simply elegance and feminine, with a touch of words on the sleek surface.
It comes with 3 different colors (blackbrown blacknatural brown), which are absolutely perfect for every single makeup look.

Go for black if you opt for a fierce, edgy & bold look.
Go for brown black if you opt for sophisticated, glam sexy & look.
Go for natural brown (which comes with a hint of red) if you opt for a casual, natural & daily look.

Features, Textures & Applications
The D.U.P Silky Liquid Eyeliner comes in a ultra fine tips, which is only 0.1mm that ensuring precise strokes and perfect wing on the eyes.

From the picture above, we can see that the color is richly pigmented, with a touch of glossy shine.

It is super easy to control on the stroke, without any overflow of ink or burst tip. The application is smooth and the liner dries up pretty quickly once it is drawn on skin.

The eyeliner is claimed to be waterproof, highly resistance towards water, sweat and tears, with no smudges.

I have run a tiny waterproof test and yes! It is indeed waterproof. It is rub proof as there is only a slight fade on my hand even though I have rub them with water.

After all, I have done a sebum proof and longevity test of the eyeliner on my eyes itself. Surprisingly, the eyeliner stays well on my eyes without smudging at all. It may turn out a slight fade on the color, yet everything still look perfect even after 5 hours, even at the inner corner of my eyes!

Do take note that, it isn't rub proof on 'sebum-surface', there will be slight off on the outer wing if you erase your eyes.

You may purchase D.U.P products at any Guardian outlet or beauty stores.

D.U.P Silky Liquid Eyeliner
Made in           : Japan
Shades            : 3 Shades (Black | Brown Black | Natural Brown)
Retail Price     : RM59.90

Longevity         : ★★★★
Waterproof      : ★★★★★
Sebum Proof   : ★★★★☆
"Rub Proof "    : ★★★

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mamonde is now available on 11Street!

I am back again with Mamonde!
Here's the great deal to all the Mamonde fans out there - Mamonde is now available on www.11street.my !

FYI, 11street has been one of the largest online marketplaces in Malaysia and now Mamonde has expands its market in 11street. No worries if you are a busy person like me or you hate looking for parking in the mall just to drop at the Mamonde's counter, 
You can now shop Mamonde's products online!

In conjunction of the official launch of #MamondeMYx11StreetLaunch, Mamonde is offering special online deals up to 50% off starts in June and they will continue in the second half of 2017 with an exclusive makeup workshop for 11street customers. 

These great deals include Mamonde basic skincare set at only RM49, First Energy serum set at RM119, Rose water set at RM88, Cover powder cushion set at RM129  that comes with a cute cushion bag in macaroon shape and more.
Purchasing Mamonde's products in 11street not only conveniece the shoppers but also in value purchases, with quality assurance and exclusive gifts/workshop opportunities!

I would love to share some of my favorite products Mamonde with you guys, as a so call recommendation or even reference haha! Here you go with the lists: Mamonde Rose Water Toner, First Energy Serum, Rose Gel, as well as all the masks! Must grab kay!

Wait no more and check the amazing deals online now on www.11street.my

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Things I want to do in Langkawi

Beside Port Dickson beach (visited two years ago) and Pangkor Island (visited when I was in secondary school), I have never really been to any other beaches or islands in Malaysia.

I have always wanted to visit some other amazing beaches in Malaysia, like Perhentian Island, Redang Island and Langkawi Island. My friends used to tell me how amazing the beaches are, how fun is snorkeling, how clear is the water,  how white is the sand, how cute are the fishes, on and on. Looking all the pictures they showed me, I really wanted to travel there one day. I wanted to experience them on my own, I even dreamed of having a beach wedding LOL even though I have never been there.

Hence, I started to plan things here right before my trip to Langkawi in next few months. Why Langkawi? Because my brother has been there for 5 times and I have never. He used to make jokes of me just because I never been there. How stupid. Yet, he will never do something crazy like what I gonna list down and experience here.

Well, right back to the topic. Things I want to do in Langkawi:
First, Skydiving.
Credit: Google
FYI, I am a genuine gemini girl, who is filled up of curiosity and unknown. I love adventure and I love exploring unknown. I guess all of us have that desire of being up on the blue sky , wishing to spread the arms wide and wing like a bird.
I love how freedom shower me and I believe that skydiving is definitely the most exhilarating activity that thrill my nerves and I can feel freedom most. I want to see the whole world under my feet. How tiny and how huge it appears right in front of my eyes. All started with a bravery jump.

Second, snorkeling.
Credit: Google
To be honest, I barely know how to swim and I am afraid of water. I have the scariest experience when I was young, that I was almost drown in a pool. Since then, I have that memory appearing in my mind whenever I was surrounded by a huge pool of water.
I hope that I could walk out from this darkness and conquer it by making a big step - snorkeling. I wanted to be comfortable in water, exploring the colorful underwater. Swimming with the fishes, touch and feel them.

Third, enjoying sunset by the beach.
Credit: Google
This will be the most romantic moment I feel. Enjoying the great horizon, feeling the same sea breeze, sharing the same scenery, capturing the same moment, creating the same memories, with the person I love most. Or maybe having a sunset dinner on cruise too? What about a proposal on the cruise or by the beach? LOL

Fourth, shop for duty free items - chocolate.
Credit: Google
As a chocolate lover, how can I miss out the chocolate? I heard that Langkawi is a duty-free island and I gonna shop tons of them. Not forgetting to get some alcohol for my brothers as souvenir too.

Fifth, a great stay.
Credit: Google
A great trip isn't complete without a great accommodation. Of course, I will need a sea view deluxe room from Bayview Hotel Langkawi. FYI, Bayview hotel is located in the heart of the downtown Kuah, 25 minutes from the airport, nearby most of the main attractions like Dataran Lang, Kuah Jetty,  Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise and Makam Mahsuri.
I want to enjoy the night scenery in the room with my love one, having a sip of wine, sharing memories about the whole trip. So I would sure go ahead and book my stay at Bayview Hotel Langkawi.
For more information about the accommodation, feel free to check out Traveloka.

These are all the things I want to do in Langkawi and I really wish to complete them all soonest. How about your trip in Langkawi? Mind to share?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Boost your Skin Hydration | Mamonde Floral Hydro

It has been so long since my last sharing on my current skincare routine and you guys know I am a die hard fans for Mamonde, not only I have gotten some sponsored products, I even bought some products on my own!

Recently, I have come across some new products from Mamonde Floral Hydro line.
If you do actually study about the Floral Hydro line, all the products from this line are actually formulated by the Narcissus bulb extract, which is a flower that known for its excellent hydrating power and healing properties. The Narcissus bulb was found out that it has remarkable moisture storage power that offer molecular hyaluronic acid for better absorption and penetration into the skin.
Here comes the newly added and improved products - Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner and Floral Hydro Cream.

Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner
Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner
Like ampoule, like toner, Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner works well as both, gives our face ampoule-infused hydration everyday. This highly enriched moisture ampoule toner, formulated with moisture clumps that spread like water the moment it attaches the skin, forming a thin moisture layer on skin's, preventing the skin from dehydration.

This ampoule toner offers 2.8 times more moisturization comparing to the previous Floral Hydro Skin Softener.

Price: RM89 | 150ml
Unlike the usual toner that we used, this ampoule toner comes in clear gel form. Like a filled liquid bubble that lightly breaks into water particles and penetrate swiftly into the skin layer.
I love this ampoule toner so so much. Even though the texture is much concentrate comparing to the usual toner, yet surprisingly it penetrates into the skin so much faster, leaving my skin soft, with suppleness and dewy finish, without any stickiness or oiliness.

Mamonde Floral Hydro Cream
Mamonde Floral Hydro Cream
Mamonde Floral Hydro Cream, as a moisturizer right after toner. Upon the application, it leaves a refreshing and cooling sensation on the skin, restoring skin hydration while improving the skin texture instantly without leaving any sticky feeling behind.

Price: RM109 | 50ml
This improved moisturizing cream features a light texture, strong moisturizing level and Double Matrix Moisture Locking.
I did use the old bottle of Floral Hydro Cream in the past few months, I thought it was already good enough in terms of its benefit and penetration power. Until I discover the improved Floral Hydro Cream, it is surprising! Comparing both the non-improved and improved Floral Hydro Cream, the improved Floral Hydro Cream is slightly dilute in texture, yet the penetrating power is so much stronger and the moisture level is so much higher. I would recommend this as a base right before any application of makeup, if you're going for dewy korean look.

Personally, I love all Mamonde's products, not on advertorial based, but genuinely from my heart. Most of the skincare products, like the honey suckle toner, multipurpose rose gel, rose toner, floral hydro ampoule toner, or moisturising cream, they impressed me so so well! Not only the soothing floral scent, I love how it leaves my skin moisture and supple, without any stickiness or oiliness on my skin. 

For more information, you may check out Mamonde on
Counter: Aeon 1 Utama | Aeon Mid Valley | Aeon Bukit Indah | Aeon Queensbbay Mall

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dewy Skin | Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation

Oh yeah, I have uploaded a new video up on my Youtube channel. Go check out if you have not.
Actually my earlier plan was doing a foundation review but ended up doing a make up tutorial LOL. I was quite obsessed with Taeyeon's look that moment, so I was like "why not?" Hence, I am here to do a quick foundation review instead.

Back to the main purpose of this post, if you have been a fans of korean K-Drama or even K-Pop idols, and you are an absolute Korean Makeup trend followers, you must be really envy about those singers or actors radiant skin glow, LIKE ME! Looking them on the screen, my heart is jerking like " why all of them look so flawless one? Why their skin look so naturally glowy and healthy one?".

Instead of envy them on the screen, why not I create one for my own haha!
Here I am, introducing the Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Lumizing Fluid Foundation, which is my current favorite foundation as it helps creating most of my daily korean look!

Beside the Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid foundation, which is a best foundation for summer, I found the Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation, is so far one of the best foundation in creating korean dewy skin.

The difference of this two foundation was the Lasting Liquid foundation comes in a frosted bottle, while the Luminizing Fluid foundation comes in a clear bottle which best reflecting their respective characteristics.

With the Advanced Sensing Technology, this foundation helps us in achieving a lasting, natural glowy finish effortlessly. It synchronizes with our skin's tone, naturally blend into our skin and maintain our skin moisture levels up to 8 hours, leaves our skin in supple condition and radiant healthy complexion .
The texture of the Luminizing Fluid foundation is rather dilute and serum-like, with some reflective shimmer within. Surprisingly, It blends well into the skin, easily spread and goes on the skin smoothly. Significantly, the foundation is rather light-weight on the skin, the layering is much breathable and thin, it leaves the skin in a much glowy and moisture finish.
On the left, it is a picture of me before application of foundation.
Through the picture, we can clearly observe that the dark circle and red blemishes are rather obvious. The skin texture is rather rough, with bumps and the overall skin tone is rather uneven.

On the right, it is a picture of me after application of foundation.
First impression, my skin looks more even in complexion and smooth. Coverage wise, it is good enough to cover some redness on my skin. Yet, the coverage is buildable after few layers, just perfect to cover the dark circle naturally.

On the left, it is a picture of me with full make up, using Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation as base. Definitely flawless and surprisingly it blends into my skin tone so well even after I have put on a few layers of setting powder.

On the right, it is a picture of me after 10 hours. I have been cafe-hopping and shopping at a total of 3 difference places. Some oil blotting action took place in the middle of hours, as it is a moisturizing foundation, it appeared slightly oily after few hours as compare to some other foundation. Yet, still bearable and it wasn't that overly-oily. Some of the foundation fell off, obviously on the forehead and slightly on the cheek, as I can clearly see my real skin and some red spots appearing in the picture. However, there wasn't any cakey-ness at all! Foundation did not oxidize that badly as comparing to some other cushions that I have used.

Personally, I love this foundation. It is super light-weight on the skin, so breathable, as I am wearing nothing. I really love how it moisture my skin and helps me in achieving that ideal Korean dewy skin.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation
Made in           : Japan
Size                  : 30 ml | 1 FL. OZ.
Shades            : 13 colors
Retail Price     : RM170

Moisture         : ★★★★★
Radiant Glow : ★★★★★
Coverage        : ★★☆☆☆
Long-Lasting  : ★★★★☆