Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8 Great Reasons to celebr8 | 8excite

Yes! It's finally 8th August!

I am so excited to receive a superb great news from 8excite that THERE WILL BE A MASSIVE DEALS going on TOMORROW! Who else doesn't love shopping and of course the more the merrier! I just can't wait to buy MOREEE from 8excite! Join me now on Go on and find out more deals on http://goo.gl/QFtH7R!

Don't wait, start collecting Excite Points!
What's the deal about?
Spend as much as you can on 8excite website, you're entitled to get 8 times of points collected and you are rewarding yourself with 8xciting freebies!
What so special about 8.8?
1. You are entitled with 8x of Excite Points (EP) on all purchase on 8th August.
2. There will be 88 Deals going on at only RM1 or 100 EP.
3. There will be Promotion Freebies for customers who fulfill the required amount on spending.

Here's the promotion freebies:

RM50 – RM99
Free TGV ticket
RM100 – RM199
Free Starbucks
RM200 – RM499
Free 2x Ticketsfor MMA ONE Championship Final
RM500 – RM799
Free Sunway Lagoon Voucher (All Day Entry Adult)
RM800 – RM1000
Free Couple Bali Deals
Free 2x Jay Chou Concert Ticket

These are the panel of merchants, like KFC, TGV, Watson, Universal Studio Singapore and many more! 8excite got you cover from top to toe, inside out! 

Yeah! Spend more and earn more!
Go on and find out more deals on http://goo.gl/QFtH7R

p/s: Buahhaa! I am already aiming the tickets to Jay Chou's concert!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Makeup Remover in SPRAY? | WeCoMed

Girls, have you guys ever countered a situation where wearing thick makeup and rocking the whole night, yet you feel extremely tired and exhausted to remove your makeup? You have no choice but drag yourself to the washroom, cleaning your makeup with cotton and remover part by part, step by step. Endless time and your sleepiness haunt you so so much. 
Here's the rescue for you - the WeCoMed Magic Makeup Remover, a remover in spray mist form. It is common to see makeup remover in gel, cream, liquid or even balm form. Yet, unlike the usual one, WeCoMed Magic Makeup remover is actually a gentle remover in spray mist form, that effectively remove all traces of makeup.

I love the packaging itself so so much. Everything in turquoise shade and minimal. Not much of huge fonts, not much of highlight, yet clearly convey its message of being Paraben Free.
Texture & Scent: 
It comes in the form of mist that end up with watery liquid finish, just like water. It doesn't come with any strong fragrance, yet some sort of medical scent which is bearable.

Shake well before use. 
Spray a generous amount of your faces or any part with makeup. Then, wipe off with cotton. To remove waterproof makeup on particular areas, like eyes or lips, you may just spray on the cotton and be hold the damped cotton on your eyes or lips.
This is a picture before and after removing makeup with WeCoMed Magic Makeup Remover. In a wipe, the brows, eye shadow and foundation are well cleansed yet waterproof eye liner and lip tint are partially cleansed only.

Personally, I love how quick it removes my makeup, in just a spray. The spray is gentle that doesn't cause any harshness on the skin and it gives a cooling sensation to my skin. It is good that it doesn't cause any stickiness or oiliness on my face, it leaves my skin soft and fresh. However, it doesn't impress me well on how effectively it removes all the makeup on my face. The mist of the face dries up pretty quickly and I have to go for second/ third spray.
It is indeed a good item to carry around for travel, but only works well on simple light makeup. Else you will need to double cleanse your face.

WeCoMed Magic Makeup Remover
Size                   : 60ml
Price                 : RM60
Effectiveness   : ★★★
Stickiness         : ★★
Oiliness            : ★☆☆☆☆

For more information, please feel free to check out WeCoMed on Facebook | Website.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Melacca Day Trip and Cafe Hop

Ohhhh Maiiiii Gattt! In a blink, it's August and I am back with my Melacca Day trip posting!

Actually I have been to Melacca for more than 5 times during these 3 years? It is like a must visit place for me, for at least twice a year? I love jonker and I love the food there a lot a lot! Yeah, it is sort of annual trip with my Bf too lol.

But then, here's my very first record on my Melacca day trip in my blog that I wish to share with all of you, somehow like a refer if you have missed what I have missed during the past visit in Melacca, if you are not a google person like me.
I bet all of you will never miss this place - Jonker88大寶小食 because it is just located in Jonker Street. This shop is always full, it always has super long queue outside their shop and you will definitely be attracted to join the crowd!
Whenever I visit Melacca, I will never miss their curry laksa and chendol! Till recently, my Bf told me they actually serve the dish 'Kahwin' which never been listed in the menu. OMO. *surprise face like a gold digger* Am I the last person who knows this? You may just try 'Kahwin'!
How can I resist such tempting food?

Coffeetel Shack Melacca
After all, here's my very first visit to Coffeetel Cafe. Their signature black latte has been going viral all over my Facebook's wall and it successfully attracts me. *thumbs up*
I really love the overall setting in the cafe, so instagrammable! It's white, slight vintage for the overall interior theme. A great place to slack with friends.
black latte
Jang Jang! Here's the renown Black Latte. It actually comes in a blend of charcoal and latte, It tastes just fine, not too sweet nor milky nor bitter. Everything is just nice.
Of course I will never miss out any desserts -  CAKESsssssss! We girls always have another stomach to store desserts yay! These are the two cakes I picked - Matcha Red Bean and Signature Lamington Cake. Both tasted great! Finally I found cakes that aren't too sweet LOL. They didn't even cause any greasy feeling behind. 
Oh ya! For girls, you may be looking 'poisoned' after drinking the black latte lol. It somehow stains your lips and teeth.
Restaurant Lee Swee Meng 李瑞明古早味
I am so sad that I missed this restaurant during my past visit, how can?? Taadaa ~ it's Restaurant Lee Swee Meng 李瑞明古早味, a restaurant that's renown of their clay pot dishes. All the food is served in the clay pots.
Of course, they have super loooooooong queue too. We have actually waited for 1 and half hour. Please be early!
We ordered the clay pot curry, which is one of my favorite dishes. Just by looking in the picture, you know how good it tastes haha! The curry is thick, flavored and it is not spicy at all. It is just perfect to go with the rice and you just want moreeeee rice.
Another favorite dishes will be this claypot tofu mushroom. I love the wild freshness in the Mushroom, super juicy! This dishes serve with Shao Xing Wine as the wine scent is quite strong, it smells super nice. 
We ordered some vegetables too. Here come the claypot sweet potato leaves. It just perfectly cooked with the a hint of 'claypot taste and scent', keeping the overall fresh and sweetness of the dishes. 

Do take note that all the dishes come in generous big portion and they are in super reasonable price.
That's all of my Melacca day trip sharing! Let me know if you have missed anything that I have listed down here or you may let me know what I missed too!
Enjoy exploring more places in Melacca. I just love this city and I will do more adventure there haha!