Saturday, July 16, 2011

Science Fair

This is the 1st event in Form 6
which i really have fun with it!
after busy preparing 1 day ..
luckily everything goes well..

Welcome to the entry site

our look with lab coat
looked PRO
but actually NOT!

i m responsible for the flaming balloon
chia is responsible for "pinning" balloon
in the lab..

elvene is responsible for the electrostatic part
as what we watched in Mr.Bean
 elvene was just like knocking  Bernard's head.=p

we juz heard the balloon bursting everywhere

khangling is responsible for the chalk chromography

smoking with the chalk??lol

For the Frog dissection

 both cruel one...pity frog

Mine product..."LOVE"
Just for u~~XD

all of us just busy in the whole morning
until forgot to eat..
but i think all of u really having a great time with it
it was a good memories in our form 6's life..=)


  1. ya lo. forgot to fry d frogs n eat. :(

  2. lol....u eat la..ask teacher to do it next year..thn u can hav frog dishes ;lol

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