Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Prosperity Dragon Year~*

This was the first year we celebrated chinese new year
without dad :(
according to the chinese tradition
after a member died in your family
*no decorations and reddish stuff at home*

chinese new year's eve
although this year we have less a member
but there were "quite alot of "new members added-on in our family organization chart :)
if u recently read my blog,you will know that 
almost all my cousins around me already get married
*and thats got me into a "marry- mood" * LOL

as usual
this night all our family members gathered together to have a reunion dinner
 the long chocolate which 1metre long
( brought back from my cousin who studied at Australia)
*everyone thought that was "fluorescent tube" LOL*
then all of us chit chat in the living room
having snack

after that we have praying section at the temple

First day of chinese new year
*camwhoring in the car*
*with my lengzai bro *
both of us macam lengzai & lenglui LOL
so arrogant =P
on the way to temple to pray again
this day all of us tend to have vege oli...(no meat allowed)
mum said this can bring good fortune and prosperity for the whole year

the temple was so well decorated and
all of us mad in snapping photo at there

* with all the ladies*
 *me and the "lion"*=D
love this photo so MUCH!!!
 *I and my family*
lost a member----> my dad  *sob sob* =(
the continuous year maybe the same ..sigh

 *with my lengzai cousin bradas*

after praying,all of us go Bai Nian at Subang :)


Third day of new year ,
back to hometown , Perak
This day was also granny 81st birthday!!!
my granny :)
so happy with her cake
" 子孫滿堂"
 my cousin and his girlfriend ,they are going to marry sooooooon too=P
more angpau we can get=D

my nephew lol
she is aww cute rite? but she always cry...zzz
 after dining ,we have a small gambling party at uncle's house
haiz...god of luck not with me...i just won RM5 ..=(
but my brother more cham lose quite alot money =P

this is quite a lousy post i know..=(
i wrote this in a rush ...
hope u guys wont mind =D

ended up my blogpost with this picha...
"happy birthday,Gandma!!!!"

p.s: ok...guess what?? i have grew fatter during this chinese new year and drink alots!!!!!
damn it!! :(


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