Sunday, March 11, 2012

I did plastic surgery ??

there's been a thousand years i updated my blog...zzz
sorry !
i am this busy! :(

finally,i am back to here for blogging again:)

of cox every one has think of having a plastic surgery BEFORE
so am i have a dream of having "double eyelid" like
"Fan bing bing "
do you ever look into her eyes?
her eyes are damn sparkling!
and ZOMG her eyes can speak as well ?!
it's like doing a great eye contact
and thousand voltages pass through you!
short circuit happened indeed!

i know none of us is perfectly born
so we have to change for better! =D

i am really so fret with my inner eyelid..zzz
but SEEEEEE!!!!
How i have overcome this situation?

how to work this out??
Previously, i have tried on many products like double eyelid tape, eyelid fibre, etc
and so didn't work ,some of the tape is do f'ng obvious
until your friends point out that
"aww! you made your own double eyelid!"
well..this is the eyelid fibres
honestly i can tell you
it DOESN'T work well!
let's see the result below
it doesn't change much ..zzz
and some of it doesn't sticky at all..

then i've tried on this!
the two way double eyelid tape !
Finally ! it works!

with this , i am totally look like another person as well
i need not to do lotsa make up to make my eyes big enough to recognize the road
see! how clean is my make up now
my eyes can SPEAK too

Besides the double eyelid tape and contact lenses,
of coz we need something else to make our eyes look much more "voltagable"
Mascara is the main one
Maybelline "extreme volume"
it makes your eyes look much more bigger
plus the fake eye lashes
 100% done :)

so ,
do you still need to do any cosmetic surgery??
to make yourself look like a barbie
with big and round eyes
sexy thick lips
a sharp nose
of coz you can..
go ahead if you want
can You bear the pain??
can you accept the failure??

be satisfied on what you have and what you are born to be
embrace yourself :)
like Bruno Mars said :"just the way you are"

leave me a comment ,you got any questions:)


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