Thursday, April 5, 2012

Their wedding day ❣

it's Heng and Chloe's wedding day :)

it's an amazing feeling
that i have attended quite a number of wedding dinner-Sss within this 2 years
all these events
show that i am growing "mature and mature"
and it's time for all my cousins to get wed

oppsY! hehe
i am gonna reveal my age Xp

back to here
this is a photos' post
just wanna share their happiness with you guys ;)

and it has been a thousand years that i updated my blog...zzz
haha..before started to share their photos..
of course i will share mine 1st Xp

wont let go a chance snapping photos in the car XD
 In the morning , follow the tradition
that we have to run on some rituals :)
The pretty bride and the charming groom ..
what a perfect match! =)
 my brada and I
 LOL..sophisticated aunties in a line!
Guess which one is my mummy??=P
both cute siblings with their gown on LOL
they are so cute and i cant stand to capture photo with them >~<
 The family potrait

At night, we have a  sumptuous wedding dinner at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant,SS2 Mall
the waiters there are really helpful and polite
the condition there is quite spacious and comfortable
with great view and well-decorated

sorry for some minor imperfetcness , as my hand shakes when capturing this photo
T_T show off some of my photography skills =P
the glare is just nice
 i was surrounded by all the boys LOL
forgive that i am short X_X
Ladies in a line!
 Gentlemen in a line!
With my cousin sis
with my brada again
Gorgeous! Xp
*great things always lie behind* haha
can identify my hair color?? =0
the sunlight is just perfect :)

 with my lovely mummy :)
 tadaa..the main characters came out
with massive smiles on their face
full of happiness

LOL..the next couple that soon going to marry!
stay tune =P
-----------------------------------The End-----------------------------------


  1. Replies
    1. lol..coming la..u wait la har..=P
      i will invite u one no worry ;)

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