Friday, May 25, 2012

A Long getaway!

Sorry for the long get-away ='(
i was sad too 
*sob sob*
but i am happy to say that "It's Holiday!!!!!!!"
Yay ^^V
*excited mood*
i am going to tell u what am i doing recently
prepared for the exam?
Am i a nerd?? Maybe
rather than to be called a bimbo =.=
my friends asked me to out
but i insisted to stay home and study

*what a hardworking girl,
actually i was studying my Teevee,
some kind of funny video of Youtube
and did some blog studying to increase my writing skills LOL, dafuq*

(as u know my March test was totally a crap
so i really have to work out )

i made a time table for me to study
*hardworking face*
 i was still studying with my half-closed eyes

spot my eye bag or a panda who lost from the zoo??
hehe..i have edited the photo actually, to cover up my flaws that's really really freak me out
Besides, i was also busying with the teacher's day celebration
i need to buy present and make a meaningful card for them
because this is my last teacher's day celebration in school =(

i am going to show off my handmade cards again now =P

A link of handmade stuffs here =D
Another thing that's make me 
on cloud nine
That's My Big Day!!!!!!

it's coming soon on the 2nd of June 

gonna remind you thrice

-it's my B'day-

-it's my B'day-

It's -my -B-d-a-y-y-y-y-y!!!
hehe xD
 our class are having a BBQ party at my teacher's place 
on this weekend..
weeeee =D
i am kinda looking forward of the food ..*nomnom *

 gonna have a second blog post after this ..stay tune!
keep reading my crap blog yeah ...Muackx =3


 p.s: do u realize i have change the tab list (on top of my blog ,beside the dessert lovers) ,
i have add on a list of my handmade stuffs =D
just wanna share some of my stuff with my blog readers
looking forward of your stuff too :)
it would be glad if u link me


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