Saturday, October 13, 2012

I've graduated!

Really cant wait to blog this!

Ohmy! recently i was just so busy with my clothing on graduation and gifts for teachers as appreciation!
I went to Sunway pyramid for twice and One-utama once in a roll,
continued by every stay back for farewell party and back to school on saturday for graduation,
making cards and bookmarks for teachers,
all of these happened in a week!
I was really exhausted! Even eating is a really tired and hard action!
But then all of this tiredness were so worth it la
I was so sad that i'm leaving Form 6 soon, all the teachers and friends here are so nice
We can easily fool around with each others and
the way we get along with each other are really comfortable and like friends!

Now, i've really graduated :'(
It happened today. My first graduation ~
was really sad *sob sob*

Let's check out my #OOTD
it's with formal theme
 Neon blue blouse, long skirt and studded heels
 Graduation's make!
as natural as possible because it's school event
 Thin ,long lashes and silver white/ brown eyeshadow
(none eyeliner applied)
 hmm? quite natural right? =p
Graduation's hair style! 
wavy curl and side fringe (cheat one xD)

Now, everything done! let's off to school =D
 This is our school open hall for graduation =)
our school authorities so cute lo, they are also wearing the graduation cap and gown!
  The M/C table setting  
performances from the students!
LMAO..our so called red carpet (thin sheet of red clothes nia )

 This is my buddy! we are named as a group --- 福祿壽
lol..actually we are the class clown!
 my class,6 Adil
haha..there is only 5 of us lor! (real number)

received my certificate =D

 snapping photo with other form 6 students =D

all the form6 students who's really graduated haha!
 the informal one, all of us like gone mad! haha
photos snapped with the teachers =D
 the left one is my class form teacher
young and gorgeous leh =D
sorry lah, photo snapped with my eyes closed!
this is my favorite teacher, PK of form 6 =D

 Some laugh gags! (Behind The Scene)

 the bat-women
 the KD gangster lol
new way of wearing the graduation gown
 pregnant lor!
The 3 crazie women!
Although the time we spent together is short (1+half year)
but i really appreciate and cherish every single moment that we spent together
After stpm, we are really going to separate
I hope that we will still keep in touch with each other after this
Although time fades,
but i believe the memories and our friendship between us will not fade

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