Monday, June 10, 2013

I did Plastic Surgery?? (Part 2)

If you wanna check my previous post on "I did Plastic Surgery?? (Part 1)"

I love to make up and trying different make up on my own face.
Because applying different make up method can make one looks different.
You can be a monster during Halloween, you can also be a doll.

If you do always up-to-date with my #motd on instagram, then you will know, they are all mostly Japan simple Gyaru makeup.
False lashes play a great role in Simple Gyaru, which is upper and lower false lashes as well!
The eyeshadow colors are more towards lighter and natural color like light brownish-orange, pink and peach.

But now instead of trying Gyaru, I tried on Korean makeup!
Do you know creating a pair of fake eye bags are a trend now in Korea!
There are even fibre sticker (for creating eye bags purposes) selling in the market!

(PC to google)

Check out who's the one having fascinating eye bags!
Korean artist!
  (PC to google)

Singapore famous blogger, Miyake!
 (PC to google)
Okay, eye bags can make one looks innocent and cute!

Some how......
(PC to google)
*There is also terrible saggy eye bags in elder, elder and elder age*
But now you need not any tiny knife operation or fibre, and you can have pair of lovely eye bags using your makeup tools!
Check the before and after!
I look innocent meh? xD

Haha! Maybe you may not used to it! But it's a trend now in Korea!
Why don't you give a shot? No harm
And it makes me look so different :)
Showing different characteristics of mine.
As we always heard of that "The power of Make up"
It doesn't mean one cheats in the photo, yet it shows how amazed the make up and photo-edit skills one has.

More photos of me with my eye bags! Haha!
It's kinda fail i know lol

Ahaha! Do you love it? Need a tutorial on it? Leave me a comment :)


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