Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Blue-dyed girl

In case you don't know, I have half-dyed my hair!
Hehe, actually I just wanna show off you guys my hair :3
Before that, I half dyed my hair in red ma!
Sorry, it's not that clear here..because of the curl..but if you're not having any problem with your eyes, of course you can see the red dye lah xD

Slowly the color faded by day :(
Suppose to dye my hair in another color, yet i was really busy last month!
After graduated from ACA, I was officially jobless and always measure the size of my PC and TV at home .
So, i just dyed my hair 3 days ago! I can't wait to share with you guys here :D
It's my first time bleaching my hair, I knew it hurts the hair alot :'(

This is how my hair looked like after bleaching for 2 times!
This is Amber, no jokes.

How nice to braid our hair with color like this! so choco-butter cookies feel !
It's a fishtail braids :D

A day after, I dyed my hair blue!
with curl :

without curl :
 Personally, I prefer my hair with curl, because the color effect is more obvious compare to straight hair!


  1. Cool colour.. I wan to dye my hair too... Cant wait...and see u at acer.. Lets party together.. U work in amber chia academy? Or u becoming model ar?

    1. Can't wait to see ur new hair color :3 btw we will be meeting at TIGI show lah xD II have just graduated from ACA yet, they will ask me to help out sometimes for some backstage :)

    2. Yes tomolo right? But i nd to leave early...

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  2. Yaya! I knew ur rushing for fast and furious 6 hehe

  3. How u know ar?? Cis... Who tell u?

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