Tuesday, December 30, 2014

3-in-1 New Year Party Makeup with MakeUp Revolution!

Woke up early in the morning today and I can't believe that, two more days left and we will be in the brand new year of 2015. Didn't achieve much yet in 2014 besides studying and also studying. Yet, the overall 2014 was a fantastic year for me, too many memories created with my friends and families, loads of experiences that I have explored broadened my knowledge and strengthens myself. 

It's too soon that I have not set up any new resolutions or goal yet for the 2015. 
But, I am all ready to party on the New Year Eve.
Yippie, you never see it wrong. It's Makeup Revolution!
A brand of Passion which launched in London earlier on March is finally landed in Malaysia! Although their cosmetics line up are priced as low as RM8 yet they are all made with the finest ingredients with absolute performance and quality.
And now, everyone can afford the price of being pretty!
Lets unwrap them one by one!

I Make Up - I Heart Sin
I Heart Sin comes in a simple combination of black as a base and 3D purple jewel at the center of the cover. It gives a mystery and classic feeling for the overall packaging, sinful enough like the name.

For the inner part, it comes with a long eyeshadow applicator with small puffs at both sides. Of course, the bigger mirror.

I Heart Sin comes with a combination of matte and shimmer shades. It covers a large range of shades, from the basic highlight like 'Do It For Me', dark metal shades like 'Golden Gun' till colorful neon shades like 'It Works For Me'.

Here are all the color swatches result with (bottom) and without flash (top). 
As you can see that even with or without flash, the colors are still vibrant and pigmented. For all the application, eye primer isn't needed yet the color appears to be sharp or tinted as exact shown in the palette and they can last for hours without smearing. The particles are fine and definitely easy for application even with fingers or brushes. 
Yet there's still excessive of powders fall off during application, do apply layers of loose powder under your eyes before application as you can sweep off the excessive eye shadows effortlessly.

RM65 | 16 shades | Link

Awesome Metals Foil Finish
 Awesome Metal Foils Finish in Magnificent Copper for an intense and dramatic look with a metallic foil finish.

It consists of an eye primer, a tray and the Awesome Metals color.
Application is easy where you will just need to add a drop of eye primer and Metals color into the tray, then mix them together. After mixing, apply lightly on your eyes. Additional layers can be build up through repetition.

The texture is much creamy without mixing. The metal colors is brilliant with the shimmers and eloquent effects. It perfectly suit for a bold look or even full smokey eyes for party with its long lasting wearage and shine.
More metallic shades available, click on the 'Link' below.

RM39 | 1.5g | Link

Lip Lacquer
Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer- Black Heart comes in a transparent long tube for easier storage in the bag or make up pouch. There are 11 shades available.

It goes on as a liquid texture and dries in matte. The color is super intense, touch proof and long wearing. Yet, it takes quite a long time to be fully dry. 
The tip of the applicator can be improved, to be much pointy for a perfect and accurate shapes or application on the lips.

RM24 | 2ml | Link

Blush Lacquer
Vivid Blush Lacquer- O' Boy, a cream texture blush. Cream form of blush will last longer compare to powder form. Just squeeze a bit and apply on both cheeks, then run over the face with a layer of loose powder or two-way cake. 

The color is much bright and pinkish, perfect blusher for Korean or Japan Make up look.
There are 6 shades available for this blush lacquer.
RM24 | Link

Amazing MakeUp Fixing Spray
Amazing Fixing Spray, a very lighweight setting spray right after make up, that helps keeping all the make up in place with no smudging or fading up to 12 hours. The formula protect our make up against heat, humid and windy condition.
Shake well, then use it like a normal spray on face but ensure the distance of 8 to 12 inches away and keep your eyes/mouth closing.

RM39 | 100ml | Link

3-in-1 New Year Party Look
Here's Edgy Pink, for a simple yet super chio looking. Using only eye shadows as eyeliner, but much thicker till the double eyelid. For normal application, we will apply a layer of pencil eyeliner and then dab the preference eyeshadow color on it. Hence the color can turn out more vivid. Yet, the eye shadows from I Heart Sin Palette works so well that even without pencil eyeliner as a base, the colors are still intense.

I Heart Sin Palette
Full Throttle (full upper eyelid),
Color Crime (line the crease and outer lower lash line) ,
Once an angel (inner corner of the eyes and inner lower lash line)

Here's Ice Blue, if you wanna go for a cool and winter make up.

I Heart Sin Palette
Want it all (Full upper eyelid)
Self Indulgence (Outer lid)
Jealous Eyes (Outer lower lash line)
It works for me (Inner corner of eyes and inner lower lash line)
Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer (lips)

Here's Sophisticated, for a glamor and sexy, vampire-kind of looking.

I Heart Sin
Golden Gun (inner lid)
Bad boys (outer lid and full lower lash line)
Awesome Metals Foil Finish in Magnificent Copper (middle lid)
Gel Pencil Eyeliner
Lip Crayon in Chili Red (full lips)
Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer (outer corner)

That's all! Do check out their site for more and affordable make up products!
Official Website: www.makeuprevolution.my

p/s: Christmas Giveaway! A pearl bracelet.


  1. i really love the Sophisticated look! i wanna try to recreate it soon ^_^

    1. Thanks for your compliment :D Cant wait to see your recreate-look ;)

  2. Love icy blue and sophisticated. you look like a rocker chic :D


  3. So pretty all the makeup looks are just superbbb

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