Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tsubaki, Shine From All Angle x GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Tsubaki, name after the Carmelia Flower. It is a premium hair care brand made in Japan. With the effectiveness is moisturizing the hair and giving it a healthy shine, Camelia Oil is renowned as the classic legendary beauty of Japanese hair for centuries. It holds a strong belief for bringing out the inner and outer beauty of every women.

Tsubaki Shining Range
Consists of Tsubaki Shining Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment and Mask. It was created to  provide supple, smooth and satiny kind of texture to the hair by restoring the damaged cuticles, moisturizing and bringing out the shine.

Main ingredients:
Arginine - It repairs the melanin in hair fiber which lost through the UV light and heat, restoring the inner structure of hair fiber and allowing light to be reflected in every angle for beautiful shine and luster.

Camelia Oil and leaf essence - Envelop hair for shine at all angle and moisturize into the hair shaft.

Glamorous scent with a blend of flowers and fruits.

Hair Type:
Normal to dull 

Tsubaki Shining Shampoo
 Helps hair to achieve the ideal volume, leaving it smooth and glow in health.




Tsubaki Shining Conditioner
Smooth and moisturize the hair.



Tsubaki Shining Hair Mask
A continuous treatment where hair is moisturized from roots to tip within first application. Leaving your hair with lustrous shine for all day long.




So, here's a picture before and after using the Tsubaki Shining Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair mask. The result was obvious even it was only the first application. My original hair condition was extremely bad after few times of bleaching and hair coloring. I trimmed my hair for only two times in a year, as you know when you are trying to keep your hair long, chopping off even half inches will take your breathe.

This was my very first time approaching Tsubaki and I definitely love the result of my hair after using it. The texture on my hair was smoother and less tangle. The moment when you are playing your hair, it's so slippery. I like the scent on my hair which is so refreshing and delicately sweet.

I believe after the long term usage, my hair will be much healthier, not only the external shininess but also the internal one.

After all, it's time for giveaway!
Step 1: Be a fans of Tsubaki and Ms.Ellie Yap!
Step 2: Follow me on Instagram @Immatepaot.
Step 3: Follow my blog and leave a comment by continue this sentence
              "I wanna try Tsubaki because...."
Step 4: Share this blog post on Facebook and tag @Ms.Ellie Yap!
Step 5: You're done!

*Giveaway open to Malaysian only.
*Giveaway runs till the end of April.
*5 winners will be selected based on the creativity of comment. 
*Each winner will get 2 travel kit packs (free postage included)

For more information and details, please feel free to visit
Tsubaki FB Page:


  1. I wanna try Tsubaki because Tsubaki can help to save my dry and damaged hair. I love to have soft and smooth hair and Tsubaki is the best solution for my hair.

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  2. I wanna try Tsubaki because

    [A] A trustworthy & praiseworthy hair care brand.
    [W] Works perfectly to keep my crowning glory aglow.
    [E] Effectively solves my problematic dry, dull & hair.
    [S] Superbly combats my hair by nourished it instantly
    [O] Obtain healthier lustrous hair whilst provide deep hair repair.
    [M] Marvelous refreshing & sweet scent gives the royal feel & promise me with Princess great hair day.
    [E] Exaltation to Ms Ellie for the best giveaway that fulfill satisfaction.

  3. I wanna try Tsubaki because I want my dull hair become smooth.

  4. I wanna try Tsubaki because:-

    [I]ntriguing much it is,
    [M]ade in Japan,
    [M]ade to make women
    [A]chieve luscious shiny hair
    [T]subaki - I am starting to love
    [E]verything about you
    [A] happy lil’camper I would be with
    [P]erfectlly healthy hair
    [O]n my head for it is
    [T]he best crown to have! So, let Tsubaki work its magic on my dull hair in need of revival!!!~

  5. Wow nice! I would love to try Tsubaki because I too have dry and tangled hair which I am sure will be silky smooth after using Tsubaki!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thank you for your review. Appreciate it so much because I'm still hunting for the best hair treatment ever for my hair. I think I should have a try on this TSUBAKI SHINING SERIES.. I wanna try Tsubaki because the benefits from Japanese Camellia oil is so awesome that will transform my hair from dry and dull to a healthier, moisture and more shining look than before! Ready to shine with Tsubaki! :D


  8. I wanna try Tsubaki because I believe it is the mother of all hair products! I have been seeing so many people raving about this brand that I would really like to try it myself. As someone that has undergo perming of hair at least 3 - 4 times over the past 3 years, my hair is also in a bad shape and I would love for my hair to become smoother and shinier again. Hoping that I get to try the Tsubaki can shine some light on my dull and spoilt hair :)

    Instagram: @mandy_minli

    1. Sorry, some typo error.

      *Hoping that I get to try the Tsubaki products so that they can shine some light on my dull and spoilt hair. :)

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