Friday, June 5, 2015

SHISEIDO Ibuki 資生堂 イブキ  Multi Solution Gel

Few weeks back and I've experienced my first ever Fit Ball exercise in conjunction of the launching of Shiseido Ibuki - Multi Solution Gel at CHI Fitness, PJ Trade Centre.
So, what's the relation between Ibuki Multi Solution Gel and the fit ball. Keep reading and check out below!
It was indeed a great day, bouncing back and fro with all the girls. We fell, we rolled, we laughed. Although the fit ball session took around 45 minutes, yet we already felt exhausted during the start.. Errr....lack of exercise? *embarrassed*
Everything was so fun and amazing, as long as you stick to your beloved girls gang. It has been so long for all of us gathered around, still Chency and Audrey didn't turn up. *sad*

Ibuki イブキ
Shiseido Ibuki, a skincare range in its multifunctional hydration line, it's created perfectly for woman in her twenties till thirties, who experience all sort of stress in life that brought them to skin breakouts and dehydrated condition.  
Ibuki, the rescuer just in time to save the skin! Boosting their skin with long hours moisture and radiance shine from inner to outer.

In this Ibuki range, it consists of
  • Multi Solution Gel | 30ml | RM160.60
  • Softening Concentrate | 75ml | RM180.20
  • Protective Moisturizer | 75ml | RM185.50
  • Refining Moisturizer | 75ml | RM190.80
  • Gentle Cleanser | 125ml | RM127.20

*All the products are available at Shiseido counter.

Ibuki イブキ Multi Solution Gel
Ibuki Multi Solution Gel was actually a new addition in the range of Shiseido Ibuki. Come in a tiny packaging that just nice to fit in our palm, it's our instant beauty emergency saver, anytime anywhere!
It is an high impact gel solution that getting rid of our skin concerns due to stress and lifestyle habits, like skin roughness, dryness, visible pores and breakouts.
It comes in a very light and liquid form texture, slightly bluish and with a comfort scent. Gentle to the skin, non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested.

Direction to use:
  • apply appropriate amount of the gel, tap and spread it over the problem area.
  • last step of the skincare regimen, just to keep your skin smooth and hydrate.
  • can be used over make up.
Like the fit ball, Ibuki Multi Solution Gel keep our skin bouncing back in 3 ways!
  • With formulated ingredients like Trehalose, MLS Water, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract and Glycyrrhizic acid that activate the PhytoTarget Complex, they effectively restore the skin's resistance, directly work deeply into our skin and get rid of skin problems.
  • Connective Memory Network technology in the gel structure keeping the products adhere tightly to the skin layer. In the meanwhile, blocking external stimulus, rapidly delivering active ingredients penetrate to our skin and helps promoting skin healing.
  • Bouncy texture that locks dewy moisture and supplying skin-reviving ingredients directly to the skin.

My thoughts

I've use it frequently on my cheeks and eyelid area, which are the areas that always appear to be dry and even the skin peel off. The Multi Solution Gel works so well that I can instantly feel the suppleness on skin, much hydrated and comforting on the areas applied. It penetrate to the skin very rapidly and the texture isn't too oily. The size of its packaging is just perfect to carry around, especially when we are going to travel.
Lets bounce back from beauty emergencies and get on with your beautiful life!
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