Monday, October 26, 2015

Vampire Diaries Inspired Makeup

Halloween is near and it has been 2 years since my last Halloween makeup sharing!
Back in 2013, I've did some creepy Halloween makeup, sort of Creepy Doll, Halloween Bride and even Broken Porcelain Doll. In case you wanna check back, click here.
After two years, I'm back with seductive and gorgeous Vampire Makeup Look for this Halloween. It's not necessary to be disgusting, ugly, scary nor with all the blood dripping. Lets be the prettiest one in the Halloween Party, like Bella in Twilight or Elena in Vampire Diaries LOL.
Step 1:
Remember! Always prep your skin before any application of makeup. You may just apply serum, moisturizer or essence to hydrate your skin, because you will be carrying the makeup for the whole night, even in air-condition room! Second, contact lens which helps giving you a brighter eyes! You may just wear something red, blue or green. I'm wearing 3 tone grey here.

Step 2:
Apply BB/CC cream which is one or two shades lighter that your original skin tone. No concealer needed here. Just briefly conceal your lips and brows using BB/CC Cream.
Step 3:
Using lighter shades of loose powder or two way cake to set your face. Looking as pale as possible.

Step 4:
Contour your face! So, it's time to apply as much as you like, as sharper face as you always desire.
Step 5:
Apply eye primer on your eyes. It helps bringing out the vibrant colors and preventing the eye shadow from smearing.

Step 6:
For the eyes, I'm using all brown shades, from light to dark. As a base, apply shade A over the eye socket, to create crease and deep set eyes.

Step 7:
Apply shade C as shown in picture. Creating a winged eye shadow, and carrying the eye shadow from inner corner of your eyes, till the side of nose bridge (part of contour) and eye brows. At the bottom of the eyes, apply shade C as well, along the lower lash line till the eye bad area.

Step 8:
Apply shade B as shown in picture, to blend shade C to the skin.

Step 9:
Draw a winged eyeliner, following the winged eye shadow.

Step 10:
Draw a line with eyeliner following your double eyelid crease, in creating a mod graphic eyeliner. It's okay if you're single eyelid, create an illusion line of your crease.

Step 11:
Using the sharp liquid eyeliner, draw as much as blood vessels under your eyes.

Step 12:
Apply thick falsies! It helps creating a more dramatic Halloween look.

Step 13:
We are done with the eyes area!

Step 14:
Carry on with the lips, apply any dark shades of red, to look absolute sexy and seductive. Keep it fuller and do not worry if it's out of your own lip's shape. Keep it matte so that it lasts for the whole night. You may using the trick of applying one layer of lipstick and place a sheet of tissue on lips, powder on top of the tissue. 

Here are the products that I've used.
Skin79 | CC Cream (Link)
Office | Contour Palette

Office | Eyes Primer
Heavy Rotation | Heroine Make Liner
Collection | Work the Color Eyebrow Kit (Link)
Maybelline | Hyper Sharp Liner

Bloop |  Duo Lipstick 02 Sovereign (Link)

Here's the full final look of my Halloween: Vampire Makeup Look, what's yours? Feel free to comment and share your Halloween look to me :D

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  1. i like ur this halloween make up. I have been search for a sophicted halloween makeup that make me still remain pretty looking, ur this make up use less cosmetic compare to other character but still pretty at the same time!! gotta share this on my pin interest =D


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