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Makeup Tips for Beginner : My On-the-Go Make up

Whenever we start our career, we have not much time spend in the morning, cutting off the time for makeup, dress up, breakfast, traffic congestion and parking, we need around 2 hours to get our self ready for work, especially girls. Instead of wasting 30 minutes to do makeup, I rather spend the extra 15 minutes on bed. Simple light makeup is fine for work, it is a basic manners that helps impressing others and how others perceive you or your personalities. Hence, it's a no way to show your bared-face.

Recently, I have come across a real fast makeup which used less than 15 minutes. I guess all of us should really suck it up in doing the basic makeup instead of finding lots of excuses like "I don't know how to do that" or "It's a waste of time". Since putting on makeup is a waste of time, then why don't you put on pajamas to work but not in formal wear. It is much like a respect, to you yourself and how people look on you. Putting on makeup definitely helps boosting our confidence and mood throughout the day.

So, not to go over the topic, in this post, I'm going to share about my On-The-Go makeup with only 3 products needed to complete this look. It was also a guide for makeup beginner to go for something affordable and with easy applications.

Step 1
If you are a beginner for makeup and unlike thick foundation, or putting on too much of products on the face like concealer, primer and sunblock, guess the ZA Airy Flawless Powder Foundation is just perfect for you. You may just skip all the nonsense applications and steps, like  BB, CC cream, get along with this step!

For the packaging itself, it is in rectangular shape and pink hues. At the edge, it is shaped along with mirror kind of materials, which add a little edgy and stylish design on the lovely packaging. Reflecting the diverse sides of woman.
The powder foundation is formulated with 'Liquid X Powder formula' which is a technology from Japan that combining both liquid and powder foundation in one, leaving the skin with natural and smooth finish. Beside that, it contains moisturizing ingredients and anti-shine powder that helps keeping our skin moist while long lasting throughout the day!
As usual, the powder foundation comes with a sponge. Yet, it is so much special as the sponge comes with a combination of two different surfaces, the puff and sponge side, which looks much like the Shu Eumura Pentagon Brushing Sponge. 

The puff side comes in hairy and fine hair that helps in quick touch up purpose as it gives the lightest layer of powder compare to the sponge side. Whereas the sponge side, helps in first application and layering stage, that required the usual technique of press and dab to fit the foundation into the skin. 
The powder foundation comes in a lightweight texture as it doesn't make my skin appear to be thick or with layered with tons of products even though after few times of applications. Yet, it is good enough to cover up my pores, red blemishes and even dark circles naturally. Basically, the coverage is fine, which it doesn't fully cover the dark circles. It leaves my skin with a matte and grease-free finish, which makes my skin real smooth and refined. I really love how it works on my skin, not too thickening and so seeming-less that it doesn't cause any distinct of skin variation from the neck. It's like my own skin! The particles are fine and it doesn't appear to be cakey on the skin, that it is so easy to blend on and glide over my face. In addition, a plus point for its UV protection with SPF 20 ++, excellent for working ladies in the office.

ZA Airy Flawless Powder Foundation

Features: Lightweight, UV Protection, Long Lasting, Non stick and shine free finish
Shades  : 9 shades (Beige | Very Light Ivory | Light Ivory | Medium Ivory | Healthy Ivory | Golden Beige | Very light Rose | Light Rose | Medium Rose
Price      : RM39.90

Step 2
Second step is for the eyes. Using mascara to open up your eyes widely since the eyes are the soul and also a weapon to let the boys get crazy. Hereby, I am suggesting the ZA Killer Volume Curl Mascara.
It comes in a tube shape, like the usual mascara, yet it was way shorter and plumper in shape compare to the mascara in the stores. Quite convenient to tuck in bag. The color is absolutely beautiful, in electro fuchsia pink and madeup of reflective material that making the colors changes in different angles.
Namely, the killer mascara, it gives the maximum curl and volume. It is a product that meets Asian's demands as the brush is uniquely designed (Ultra Curve Brush and Curl Lock Formula) to get rid of straight and downward-pointing lashes.
In the previous makeup post, I did mention about me myself having straight and sleepy lashes. I always find it hard to get mascara that really works for my lashes. This is how amazing the ZA Killer Mascara works on my lashes, so curvy and it doesn't appear to be clumpy! I still can see my lashes going stroke by stroke. I must say that the design of the applicator was so effective, even in reaching the inner and outer corner lashes.

A tiny tips are to curl your lashes with curler before application of mascara and always look down when applying the mascara.
A closeup look on the before and after. In the after for side view, my lashes are insanely going 110 degree upward and pushing up one by one without any clingy. During the application, I can feel the particles are really light and fine, hence it pushes the lashes even more and wide. Furthermore, this mascara is awesome that it contains of nourishing ingredients that helps preventing our  lashes from cuticles abrasion.Well, I swear this is really the must-grab mascara, great invention girls!

ZA Killer Volume Curl Mascara

Features: Volumizing, Curling, Waterproof and Smudge-proof , Long-lasting
Price      : RM39.90

Step 3
Last but not least, shape your brows! Just follow the original shape of your brows will be fine, kepp it as light and natural as possible. Well, if you have thick brows, you may just skip this step then. Personally, I have totally like 50% of brows only, I guess they grow way too much on my feet and scalp. Hence, it reduces much on my lashes and brows LOL. I am using the Collection Eye Brow kit which I have introduced earlier. The powder form of eye brow kit works much natural without harsh line for daily look, and way easier for beginner!

After 6 Hours...
To prove the magically effectiveness of the powder foundation and mascara, here's a look of before and after 6 hours of application without touch-up. See! It was crazy! My lashes were still performing great. It was so long lasting without any smudging or smearing under eyes! For the foundation powder, I still found it didn't work that well in sebum control, as my T-zone still appear to be oily, but I must tell that my skin still look flawless, without any redness revealing and no cakey-ness! I guess after touching up will be perfect or else you may just press the oil away with tissue.
I hope this post is helpful to all of you and I highly recommend both of the ZA products. They are just awesome and quite reasonable in price. Do check out for the makeup beginners, the products are really affordable to start off with. All the products will be available in all major pharmacies and supermarkets.

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  1. Wow the mascara is really a killer! Huge change to your eyes! <3


  2. Oh wow!! The mascara is so good! The coverage of the powder foundation looks really good for a simple day makeup too. Love how it still looks good after 6 hours


  3. You've got an amazing skin! The foundation adds the final touch but even without it you look gorgeous :)

    Mika |

  4. Despite my age, when it comes to make up, I am really clueless. Thanks for this simplified tutorial. It's really handy and I now know what products to get.

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