Friday, January 15, 2016

MOJO Nail Cafe @SS2

Right before my trip to Taiwan, I have decided to get my manicure and pedicure done. I wanted to look awe-fully beautiful from fingers to toes in a new land, not only from the way I dress LOL. *Confidence over-load*
I have visited few nail salons and bars in the previous and yet this was my first time come across a nail cafe.
MOJO Nail Cafe was located at SS2, above Vape and Tint Service shops, at the same row of RHB Bank. It wasn't that hard for me to look for the place, as I just used to WAZE there and I need to really look at the unnoticeable signboard.
Right at the doorstep, I was surprised by the props corner, a full table of props and nicely decorated corner which was just perfect for selfies. 
I have so much fun playing with the props with my sister right before we left the nail cafe!

The overall design of the nail cafe was in vintage concept with wooden tables and chairs, the step, red bricks that piling up, hanging light bulbs, green plants, nature lighting during the day time, as well as laces and concrete that added a little princessy and modern feeling to the cafe.
What made this nail cafe difference from the others, it was an event space for approximately 50 persons, serving great food and drinks on their menu! Well, I guess it was amazing to have a tiny party with friends here, being pampered with some manicures and pedicures while having some great food at the same time. Although the place was tiny, yet it was just perfect and cozy for some bachelorette party, baby shower, farewell and anything you can name.

Further more, your friends or boyfriend who wait, will never be boring! They can get some drinks or food, with free wifi provided!
SEE! Instagram-friendly place where I can take selfie any time any place!
Headed for manicure and pedicure session, which was just next to a lace curtain, that made me feel like a princess being pampered. With black elegant sofa and even a sofa for two! I can bring my mom here next time!
They even have a TV here just to in case you are bored from waiting your manicure or pedicure to dry up!
They have a lot of sample nail art to look and choose from,, just to match your dress code or specific occasions! 

This time, I opted something plain and natural for my nail. A manicure color that closest to my nature nail color, which was soft pink, for a sweet and lovely touch!
For the toes, I have opted something glitter and bright for a new year - Chili red. Something outstanding when I wear my flipflop. *Raise brow*

The overall experience was fine, I have tried their Lavender Tea and I really love it! Yet to find out the menu and food they serve. I found both of the classic mani and pedi was way too speedy, that took less than 1 hour excluding the basic treatment and time for dry up? The skill of manicurist still have to be improved, especially the basic application.
I would recommend this if you are going for something affordable and fast. In addition, it is a indeed an amazing place for a party or event, with a pampering corner.

Now, a special deal for all of you before Chinese New year!

Gel Manicure and Gel Pedicure at only RM128
Classic Manicure and Classic Pedicure at only RM50

For more information, please feel free to visit MOJO Nail Cafe or pay at visit at

MOJO Nail Cafe
No. 105, Jalan SS2/24,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7863 0510


  1. this is great =)

  2. I reviewed this nail saloon before! :P you have a nice blog!

  3. Nice place to get your manicure done before CNY.

  4. chili red is a great colour! nice place to pamper yourself.

  5. i did red for my CNY nails too! :D wanna be more "ong"

  6. Great concept of having both a nail salon and a cafe. Now even our companions can have a good time while we are doing our nails

  7. it is so interesting having a cafe and a nail salon in one.... I think it is a nice place to chill and enjoy your drink while pampering yourself alone or with friends...

  8. I've been there myself too! i love the ambiance and im planning to get my nails done again soon! :D

  9. I fall in love with mani lately. happier when c the cute nail art on my hand everyday i wake up.

  10. The nails design is so beautiful~ I love it~ Never try mani before, should try once for CNY~

  11. I love those red fingers! Totally suits on you!

  12. wow! heard a lot of good comments about this new nail cafe recently :) like your soft pink nails, nice! :) How much they charge for nail art? Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  13. Nude soft color is really pretty =D Too bad I miss their service ><

  14. Love the cafe and nail salon concept, I can chill out with my girlfriends there.

  15. have you tried the cafe food too? love such a concept

  16. Nice place.Sometime manicure take time and other can enjoy coffee while waiting

  17. The manicure color can stand longer. The service is good.

  18. That soft pink looks really sweet! Like nude pink against your skin tone.


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