Sunday, July 9, 2017

Waterproof Eyeliner for Summer | D.U.P

If you have already known that, D.U.P from Japan is actually available in Malaysia right 2 months ago! You may see them in Guardian and some other exclusive Beauty stores.

FYI, D.U.P is a Tokyo-based cosmetic company that specialized in falses lashes, eye makeup products and even nail products. 
In this post, I am going to introduce a strong waterproof eyeliner from D.U.P which I am fancy about recently. I thought you guys might be interested since summer is here and everyone of you is about to plan for a summer vacation at the beach!
D.U.P Silky Liquid Eyeliner
Taadaa~ D.U.P Silky Liquid Eyeliner - the strong waterproof eyeliner that I recommend here. It actually has been rated as one of the top 5 best Japanese drugstore liquid liners.

Packaging & Shades
The packaging on the pack itself is rather minimal, yet the combination colors on each pack stands out well, especially the combination of magenta and black.

The minimal packaging reflects well on the eyeliner pen too, simply elegance and feminine, with a touch of words on the sleek surface.
It comes with 3 different colors (blackbrown blacknatural brown), which are absolutely perfect for every single makeup look.

Go for black if you opt for a fierce, edgy & bold look.
Go for brown black if you opt for sophisticated, glam sexy & look.
Go for natural brown (which comes with a hint of red) if you opt for a casual, natural & daily look.

Features, Textures & Applications
The D.U.P Silky Liquid Eyeliner comes in a ultra fine tips, which is only 0.1mm that ensuring precise strokes and perfect wing on the eyes.

From the picture above, we can see that the color is richly pigmented, with a touch of glossy shine.

It is super easy to control on the stroke, without any overflow of ink or burst tip. The application is smooth and the liner dries up pretty quickly once it is drawn on skin.

The eyeliner is claimed to be waterproof, highly resistance towards water, sweat and tears, with no smudges.

I have run a tiny waterproof test and yes! It is indeed waterproof. It is rub proof as there is only a slight fade on my hand even though I have rub them with water.

After all, I have done a sebum proof and longevity test of the eyeliner on my eyes itself. Surprisingly, the eyeliner stays well on my eyes without smudging at all. It may turn out a slight fade on the color, yet everything still look perfect even after 5 hours, even at the inner corner of my eyes!

Do take note that, it isn't rub proof on 'sebum-surface', there will be slight off on the outer wing if you erase your eyes.

You may purchase D.U.P products at any Guardian outlet or beauty stores.

D.U.P Silky Liquid Eyeliner
Made in           : Japan
Shades            : 3 Shades (Black | Brown Black | Natural Brown)
Retail Price     : RM59.90

Longevity         : ★★★★
Waterproof      : ★★★★★
Sebum Proof   : ★★★★☆
"Rub Proof "    : ★★★


  1. Waterproof eye-liners are really essential. I love the brown-black tone of this brand. Cheers!!

  2. I'm actually looking for brown eyeliners this seems to be a good choice!

  3. The Brown Black is my favourite. Love to check out this brand.

  4. looks like good. will try it out at Guardian

  5. Very impressive waterproof eyeliner. No more worries about necessary smudges.

  6. Loving these eyeliners especially on trips where sweat, pool or sea is in the itinerary

  7. OMG! I need this. I cannot use pencil or anything else. Would definitely get this

  8. Looks like a great product. I am not into eye makeup but when I do smudging is something that am really scared of.

  9. That looks worth the money. Do you mind to share where can I get these?

  10. I am aiming on the brown eyeliner! Love it was waterproof and smudge proof, I hate my eyeliner smudges after whole day out.

  11. This looks good! Was looking at it the other day ^^

  12. I like to try their eyeliner also, its quite precise.

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