Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8 Great Reasons to celebr8 | 8excite

Yes! It's finally 8th August!

I am so excited to receive a superb great news from 8excite that THERE WILL BE A MASSIVE DEALS going on TOMORROW! Who else doesn't love shopping and of course the more the merrier! I just can't wait to buy MOREEE from 8excite! Join me now on Go on and find out more deals on http://goo.gl/QFtH7R!

Don't wait, start collecting Excite Points!
What's the deal about?
Spend as much as you can on 8excite website, you're entitled to get 8 times of points collected and you are rewarding yourself with 8xciting freebies!
What so special about 8.8?
1. You are entitled with 8x of Excite Points (EP) on all purchase on 8th August.
2. There will be 88 Deals going on at only RM1 or 100 EP.
3. There will be Promotion Freebies for customers who fulfill the required amount on spending.

Here's the promotion freebies:

RM50 – RM99
Free TGV ticket
RM100 – RM199
Free Starbucks
RM200 – RM499
Free 2x Ticketsfor MMA ONE Championship Final
RM500 – RM799
Free Sunway Lagoon Voucher (All Day Entry Adult)
RM800 – RM1000
Free Couple Bali Deals
Free 2x Jay Chou Concert Ticket

These are the panel of merchants, like KFC, TGV, Watson, Universal Studio Singapore and many more! 8excite got you cover from top to toe, inside out! 

Yeah! Spend more and earn more!
Go on and find out more deals on http://goo.gl/QFtH7R

p/s: Buahhaa! I am already aiming the tickets to Jay Chou's concert!


  1. I wish I can collect more and more points but I don't have money to spend! Just busted my budget from a trip to the Middle East.

  2. Wow! Free movie ticket. But I have to spend on it, have to save up cause I'll be using lots of money for my upcoming trip

  3. The freebies are not bad at all. We would love the Couple Bali Deals!

  4. wow.. i love the freebies .. will check it out later

  5. Wow.. this is amazing.. i want those freebies too.. hard to resist... Heheh

  6. AHHH should've seen this earlier before I went out this morning :(

  7. great!!!I can get my freebies through my points!!

  8. I want to claim for my Starbucks drink. 8excite is my favourite place for shopping.

  9. This is exciting! I want to try it as well!

  10. I love shopping. I am not in Malaysia though. Hehe. I think I cannot use the deals.

    -Analie from Get A Happy Date

  11. So many exciting offers to exchange with!! Definitely need to check out now =)

  12. Quite a lot of freebies not to be missed and thanks for sharing babe

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