Saturday, December 30, 2017

Throwback 2017 & 2018 Resolution

I just can't believe that it is 2018 few days later. Time blinks! Everything goes on too fast and I can hardly capture any.
Just a small recap and sharing throughout my 2017.
In terms of studies, I have finally completed my degree studies and having my graduation ceremony in Kampar back in March. It was a note of full-stop, where I am a step ahead in my career and a goodbye to my campus life. Perhaps it is not an ending for my friendship.I will never forget all those amazing memories in the campus, with a bunch of crazy friends and all kind of typical lecturers haha!

In terms of career, I can tell that I have been working day and night throughout the year, literally like a cow. FYI, I am in the graphic field. Start working at 10am and back to home at late 9.30pm, I still have to deal with some of my freelance job. As a typical gemini, life is hard for me because it's repeating and boring. Routine and routine, I did not grow up much even day after day, just growing older. "What else I do to improve myself, beside working?" "How well am I?" "Am I stop learning?" I questioned. Nothing much, only routine, life moves on day by day without any excitement. Nothing memorable to be captured, just routine. I think I need to find a way out.
Superstar Libra Cruise Trip
In terms of being a blogger and influencer, yes! I have achieved more than what I've expected. Being a partime blogger and influencer, I am grateful because there are PRs who still appreciate and love my work. They saw effort that I made in my work, even just a single picture. They sent me invites, or even products for review and feature even though sometimes I took a much longer time. I am lucky as there are quite a number of aesthetic clinics who approached me, as well as joining a FAM trip for the very first time, an indeed brilliant experience on the cruise. I am so blessed because some of you still remember me :')

Double Eyelid Journey
In terms of my wishlist, I am so happy because I have accomplished one of my wishlist - getting my double eyelid stitched! It was sponsored and it was what I have wanted for long. Since young, I ain't satisfy with my uneven eyelid and I always wanted to "get rid of them". I am glad, I did. 

Another achievement on the wishlist would be, purchasing a new compact camera (Lumix GF8) as well as lenses that "bokeh" haha! If you have been keeping up with my social media, you may realised that those images quality has been improved! Color, composition and everything. Camera plays a great role and of course you always need an amazing photographer like my sister, boyfriend and girlfriend, Chency. Hehe!

In terms of asset, which was my bast achievement before the year ends would be buying a car! Yay! Finally! I have something belong to myself LOL.

In terms of health, hey! I gained weight haha! Ever since I started to start, I skipped my regular workout and did not have my meal on time. I used to give excuses like tired, I back to home late, or even I want to sleep more. I wasn't as toned as last time, wasn't as motivated as last time. I was quite disappointing about myself because I wasn't as disciplined as last time.

Life is all about up and down. It isn't always about happiness, there will be sadness and regret. But they are definitely worth being recorded in our memories. Make your day counts! I am grateful to have everyone of you who stay and back me up, making up every single pieces of mine 2017. I love all of you! 

Here comes my 2018 Resolutions!
Just a quick brief one haha!
First, commit to my Youtube Chanel, at least one video monthly. I have been convincing myself to really work things out on my channel, but then yes, I always have excuses to skip haha! I have tons of plan, yet when I think about filming and editing that take an absolute long time, I was like "nah, next time maybe". Anyway, I am still discovering an exact style to work out on my channel. I have a lot of chinese based subscribers and most of you prefer mine video in chinese. Should I just do more video in chinese, typically more lifestyle and freestyle? Let me know!

Second, slim down to my ideal weight, with proper diet and exercise. I have to really plan my exercise routine. Maybe having a jog every morning? As I don't really have much time left at night. Or maybe twice a week? Hit the gym during weekend?

Third, buy a medical card. Everyone asked me to get one because I am nearly 25! As in I will easily get sick as I age.

Forth, more amazing pictures on my social platforms! I have been working hard in editing my pictures, with more colorful background and do you realized it comes in a criss-crossing theme?

Last, yet to figure out haha!

I am looking forward to my 2018, I hope it is much fun-filled and interesting! I wish I will be given more opportunities! That's all of the wrap up of my 2017 and 2018 resolutions. What about you? 


  1. Your pictures are amazing already! Hehe.
    All the best for 2018, to all of us! May all your wishes come true!

  2. Yes! I did notice that your photos are improving and I love them! So eye-pleasing and the bokeh is perfectly done.

    Happy New Year and enjoy your 2018!

  3. Lovely throwback and happy new year.. great resolution!

  4. Lovely one and amazing pictures . Liked it.

  5. Happy New Year to you! What an amazing year it was for you in 2017. There will be better things to come in 2018, I am sure!

  6. happy new year, hope you have a great one !

  7. all the best on your commitment on 2018... i believe you can do more than one video per month!!


  8. you look oh so gorgeous and your blog is definitely improving leaps and bounds.... all the best for 2018

  9. You look so gorgeous dear. I enjoy reading your blog post about your throwback 2017 resolution. happy New Year to you and to your family.

  10. Happy New Year! You've been fabulous in 2017, and you'll gonna rock 2018 more. Yey!

  11. Happy New Year dear! May your resolution for 2018 can be achieve too! I been struggling in exercise too, there's just not many time for us to squeeze time right!


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